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wvblogs.gifToday�s FamilyFirst site celebrates the blog.
Blogging has become one of the fastest-growing ways of getting info on the web. One of the early promises about the web was that it would be a way for ANYONE to present and publish their thoughts. Well, practically speaking, this was true if you (a) had a connection to the internet and (b) knew HTML.
Well, times have changed. Access to the net has gone from expensive dial-up to free broadband in many locations. And HTML? Who needs it when you have blogging software?

Today�s FamilyFirst site, WorldVillage Blog Network, not only offers YOU a place to put a blog, but even allows you to make money off of it!
How does it work?
Easy. You pick and categorize a subject on which you are an expert. The sky is the limit, as long as it�s family-friendly. Write at least an article per week. Your article is indexed and made available via the site directory, as well as the site search.
People read your article. While there, they will likely click on Google ads. When they do, you get revenue!
Believe me, Google ads work. I maintain several websites, and Google ads provide a VERY nice side income for my clients and myself.
So, to sum up, YOU can make BUCKS for doing something you love to do, writing about your favorite subject!
Now, on to the site itself.
At press time, front page entries include articles on making and designing cloth dolls, how to invest wisely in the stock market, where to find cheap LCD monitors, putting your kids� needs before your own, and an account of a person�s first motorcycle ride.
In other words, people write about EVERYTHING.
Stop in and see what I�m talking about. And maybe start a little side income of your own!

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