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If you look at the magazine rack of your local stores, you will find very few of them that are oriented towards children. But young people of today have more of an interest in the world around them than previous generations, or so it seems. Today’s FamSite helps to bridge that information gap in a most unique way.

The site is called World Kid Magazine, the online site for a bimonthly magazine that features a wide range of topics that are oriented towards youth. The subject areas are truly amazing, everything from art to photography, museums to schools, with stops at mythology, space science and sports on the way. All of the articles that will be in the printed magazine are in the site, and visitors can read eight of them without a subscription. They can also send email postcards, check out a cool school, and shop at the World Kid Mall (coming soon!).

This is truly a unique site, one that complements the printed version quite well. The subscription rate for the hardcopy magazine is quite reasonable, one that kids will enjoy. It would make a great present for a friend, sibling, child, or grandchild. Enjoy your stop

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