Finding employment is what all of us try to do at some time in our lives. Once we are employed, then keeping our job is pretty important. But what about if you want to change jobs? Or have questions that you employer can’t answer? What if you are injured on the job, and what rights do you have from that on-the-job injury? Today’s FamSite goes right to the horse’s mouth, so to say, and shows a site that can shed light on those questions and so much more.

Called, this site one that tries to help put the working man (and woman) in touch with answers to questions that may arise on the job. There is information on family and health issues, how to manage money, resources for the disabled, such as jobs, technology, and learning. One interesting section is on the rights and protections of workers in the areas of wages and salaries, unemployment, and safety.

This site is a cooperative effort of the U.S. Department of Labor and the National Partnership for Reinventing Government. It is a great spot to see our tax dollars in action. Enjoy your stop here today.

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