Which Video Format Is Right for You?

Live video broadcasts using Ustream and podcasts each have their pros and cons. I’ve had some experience with both, and I want to share the pros and cons of each. In the final analysis, you’ll have to decide which is right for you.
The number one benefit of a live broadcast is the ability to directly engage and interact with your viewers. With Ustream, viewers can log into the chat room associated with your broadcast, ask questions, and immediately get an answer from the show’s hosts. That instant gratification is a powerful tool and can help you build a loyal audience. Instead of just passively watching a show, audience members are invited to be a part of the show and can actually help dictate the show’s direction. The downfall of this comes when your show becomes so dependent on the audience that it stagnates when the viewers don’t participate. In other words, if your show is based on you answering questions and the audience doesn’t have any questions, then you aren’t going to have much to talk about.
What I like most about the podcast format is the ability to edit. By editing, you can have maximum control of the show. It gives you the chance to fix things and adds a level of quality control that you have to give up when broadcasting live. If a segment turns out bad or gets interrupted by some unforeseen problem, you don’t have to use it. With a live broadcast you don’t get a chance to retract or redo anything. Sure, you can limit your losses by deleting the archived file, but you can’t take it back from the memory of the live audience.
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