What Is Your Website About?

If visitors to your site find themselves asking the above question, you and your site are in big trouble. A successful website should have a crystal clear site focus so that first-time users can tell at a glance what the site is about and what it stands for. There should also absolutely be a branding message that hits users in the first few seconds of them being on the site. Not only should they not have any questions as to what your site is about, they should also be able to get a feel for who you are as a person or a company just from looking at your site for a few seconds.
If you yourself don’t know what your site is about, don’t panic. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as your reevaluate your site’s ultimate purpose.
1. Why are you doing this?
If your answer is to make money, that’s okay! But keep in mind that if your ONLY motivation is money and you have no feeling for the products you are selling or the business one way or another, then customers are going to know that and they probably won’t stay on your site too long. Here are some other reasons to set up a website:
1. I want to share my knowledge for profit.
2. I want to promote something.
3. I want to brand something.
Which of the above three categories you fall into will dictate how your proceed with your website design. To read more on this topic, please visit: http://www.toponereport.com/examine-your-sites-focus/

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