[VIDEO] STEM Testing Shows Promise for The Nation’s Kids

Testing across the nation shows that American kids are doing well in STEM subjects – that is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

This comes as as part of the most recent study called “The Nation’s Report Card” that is a roll-up of every state in most of the major subject areas such as Reading, Math, and Science.

In an interview with Family First’s Marijo Tinlin, Cary Sneider, National Assessment Governing Board member and Associate Research Professor at the Center for Science Education at Portland State University and Mary Crovo, Deputy Executive Director of the National Assessment Governing Board spoke about what Crovo calls “the gold standard of achievement” test.

The test assesses fourth, eighth and twelfth grade students and has for many years. The data, however, for the STEM subjects is new and shows a lot of promise. Whereas many of the subjects are showing proficiency levels in the 20s and 30s, STEM achievement scores are in the low 40s. Sneider is very encouraged by this and credits this to the teaching focuses of many of the nation’s teachers as well as interesting interactive teaching methods.

She said many times the kids don’t realize they are taking the STEM portion of the test because it’s so fun and interactive.

Parents, you can be a part of this focus too. The Nation’s Report Card website has a ton of fantastic resources and interactive tools for kids such as designing a safe bike lane and building the ideal iguana habitat. Start early too – STEM isn’t just for high schoolers. If you build that love and curiosity about science into your young ones, that interest will continue to grow.

When your appliances break, don’t throw them out – tear them apart and let the kids dig around inside. Also, let your kids’ teachers know about this great website and all the fantastic activities they can bring into their classrooms.

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