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usatodaypuzzles.jpgOkay, we’ve been working hard in our day-to-day jobs. It’s time for a little fun, don’t you think?
Ergo, today FamilyFirst features a site that is just good old fun: USA Today’s Life Section Puzzles.
Everybody who has ever stayed in a decent hotel is familiar with USA Today. You find one outside your door in the morning. And when I’m on the road, I head straight for the aforementioned Life section and jump into that crossword puzzle!
I’ll say right up front that I’m a crossword puzzle ADDICT! My fellow I/S Department coworkers are used to see me with my crossword puzzles at the breakroom table. And USA Today’s crossword (the last two weeks available here free!) is one of the best: challenging, but fair. So enjoy the Flash online version.

But that’s not all. Click on the Arcade link under Gaming in the right column, and hang on!
Download free trials of some of the funnest and most challenging games on the internet. For instance, give Sudoku a try. The puzzle is most frequently a 9�9 grid made up of 3�3 subgrids. Some cells already contain numbers, known as “givens”. The goal is to fill in the empty cells, one number in each, so that each column, row, and region contains the numbers 1�9 exactly once. Each number in the solution therefore occurs only once in each of three “directions”, hence the “single numbers” implied by the puzzle’s name.
Or perhaps you prefer Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, Zuma Deluxe (reminds me of Neil Young), Tumblebugs, and lots more downloadable fun.
So take a break! You deserve it.

2 thoughts on “USA Today – Life Section Puzzles

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    For myself, I have a Masters in Family and Consumer Science and taught 27 years. Every year included a unit on developing good health habits. Nutrition, exercise, wise choices in life style were included.
    My complaint is today and yesterday, classes such as these were/are considered fluff classes for those unable to take advanced college prep classes. We graduate from high school students able to do advanced math but unable to read and calculate the fat grams in their food. I realize education is in a flux from economic/theoritical/political attacks but it does seem odd that the First Lady encourages good health habits, the newspapers, media, etc. all all on the bandwagon and our schools are shutting down programs that can reach each and every child in the school system.

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