I can’t remember where I read about this statistic, but it involved the amount of time that an average newscast spends on negative news stories. Stories that involve murder, kidnapping, and all the bad things that happen in our world these days. It is great to have found a site on the Internet that only looks at the positive side of life. Today’s Family First Site found it such a pleasant experience that we decided to share it with everyone.

It is a site called Up Beat. At this site, the webmaster has decided to “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative”, and look at what makes this a really great time to be alive. There are sections that highlight various good news themes. Such as Kindness in Action, where you can find true stories of everyday heroes who make a difference. Read about Amazing Gracie, a lady with fantastic courage who has recovered from a tragic accident. Then there is the story of the Graceliners, an all-female Elvis impersonator group. There is also a collection of links to similar sites, such as World Transformation and the New Earth Network, each with its own form of positive messages.
This is a site that goes to show that there are definitely positive things happening in this world. All you have to do is look for them. I would much rather spend time at this site, than watch the local or national news. I hope you have the same feeling.

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