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There are still inventive minds out there. Sure, Thomas Edison isn’t around any more, but there are still bright individuals who think up new ideas, then pursue their dream by patenting and producing the product.
Such a mind is that possessed by Steve Evans, who has invented a dumbbell bench that has revolutionized the way you work out with dumbbells.
Today’s FamilyFirst pick is entitled Ultimate Dumbbell Fitness – The Ultimate Dumbbell Bench.
Here’s the site’s mission: “(Steve Evans) saw inherent flaws in existing weight benches for the weight trainer who preferred dumbbells. So he set to work and created a bench that makes dumbbell workouts safe, effective, and easy on the back.”

And they really are. Note what a certified fitness trainer had to say about this bench: “I like the Ultimate Dumbell Fitness Bench because I don’t have to wrestle with dumbbells. In other words, I spend quality time lifting weights. Also, no more dropping dumbbells into your gym floor.”
Steve’s benches come in four different sizes. They handle maximum weights of from 35 to 120 lb. dumbbells. Man, I wouldn’t want to mess with anyone who could press 120 lb. dumbbells a few reps!
There are lots of closeups of the construction of the benches (and a very pretty young lady using them ;-). If you want to learn more, or get your own, just use the contact form to let Steve know. That’s right! You’re dealing directly with the inventor!
So work up a sweat at today’s FamilyFirst site. And here’s to inventive minds!

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