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By Joel Comm April 19, 2006 1 Comment   

The boob tube. The idiot box. The one-eyed monster.
A couple of generations back, there was no such thing as television. Entertainment was either the radio, reading, or family fun and games.
Then, in the 1950’s, everything changed. EVERYONE had to have a television.
That leads us to today. It would probably be impossible for you to find a home without at least one TV in your town. Many homes have three, four, or more.

Is that a good thing? Well, today’s FamilyFirst site says NO! It’s called TV Turnoff Network. Here’s their mission:
TV-Turnoff Network, formerly TV-Free America, is a nonprofit organization that encourages children and adults to watch much less television in order to promote healthier lives and communities. Founded in 1994, TV-Turnoff Network is dedicated to the belief that we all have the power to determine the role that television plays in our own lives. Rather than waiting for others to make “better” TV, we can turn it off and reclaim time for our families, our friends, and for ourselves.
The main focus of the site is TV-Turnoff Week, coming up soon from April 24-30.
During this week, parents are encouraged to get their kids involved in TV-free activities. Suggested fun things to do include going to the library, starting a garden, visiting a zoo or museum, attending a local sporting event, etc.
You get the idea. While going completely TV-free may not be a reasonable option for you, cutting back will help you get your (and your kids’) life under better control.
Now, where did I put that stupid remote?

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