TV Programs That are Good for Kids

By Joel Comm May 17, 2013 No Comments   

The complains of parents nowadays is that they just can’t seem to get their kids to look away from the TV even for just a second, another common parent concern is that are some of these TV programs even good for young age? Of course as a parent you could always control the amount of time your kids spend in front of the TV, and what your kids watch. Not everything in that electric box is evil and bad for kids, there are some shows that prove to be good for kids.

Take these endearing family of lions in Between the Lions for example. Theo Lion, his wife Cleo Lion and their cubs Lionel and Leona run a library where they read stories with their animal friends that spring into life with animation while they’re read. It’s an enjoyable show with funny jokes and this would also help young toddlers to speak as each episode focuses on a certain letter sound or combination.

If your kids love playing with dinosaurs then they would definitely love the show Dinosaur Train, where a young T-Rex named Buddy learns about the many different kinds of dinosaurs in the different eras. This will really leave your kids very entertained and at the same time they are learning more about dinosaurs and the historic times as these are also mixed with facts and theories about dinosaurs.

So the TV isn’t as bad as you probably thought it was after all, there are still more shows out there that can entertain and at the same time educate your kids.

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