TV Game Shows

When the first mass electronic medium was blasted out, that would be radio, it didn’t take long for the ubiquitous concept known as the game show to take root.
Shows like Name that Tune, the Sixty-Four Dollar Question (just a tad less than its TV version), and many others entertained the masses from the twenties through the late forties.
A technology breakthrough spelled the demise of radio game shows, but the advent of a classic offering that still exists (indeed, THRIVES) today: the television game show.

Today’s FamilyFirst site covers the subject of broadcast television game shows. It covers them quite thoroughly, as a matter of fact. It’s called, simply enough, Game Shows.
The site doesn’t pretend to be a comprehensive resource of game show trivia. But if you’re interested in seeing an overview of a whole bunch of shows and their hosts, this is the place.
One of the fascinating facts I learned: the venerable The Price Is Right was hosted in the 60’s by Bill Cullen! I remember seeing his face on m,any game shows, I never realized he would precede Bob Barker as the host of the longest running one out there.
So have a ball chasing down present and past game shows at today’s FamilyFirst site!

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