their Stamp on History

I have always been interested in history, and the people that played pivotal roles in the events of history. That was one reason I guess why I became interested in stamp collecting. Those tiny pieces of paper that made sure our letters got from point A to point B always had a bit of history on it. Today’s FamSite looks at some of those stamps, and the people featured on them.

The site is called their Stamp on History, and is a site that tells about some of the faces you may have seen on our postage stamps. There are several categories such as activists, actors, leaders, lawyers, and scientists for example. Each category has several stamps shown with details such as first day of issue, value at issues, and approximate current value. There are also detailed stories on the person featured. They range from Elvis to John Hanson to William Jennings Bryan to James Hoban. The variety of personalities is interesting, as is the stories as to why they are on the stamps.

This is a wonderful site for any stamp collector, or for anyone who may be interested in becoming one. Enjoy your visit here today, and mention this site to a

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