The Virtual Haunted House

By Joel Comm October 23, 2003 2 Comments   

Here it is, all you little ghosts and goblins, it’s getting close to Halloween. You’ve got your bowl of candy, and you have just set down in front of the computer to do some serious web surfing. How about a little seasonal Halloween site to look over? Follow me…. if you dare!!

The site today is called The Virtual Haunted House, and is a collaborative effort by the students of Ligon Middle School in Raleigh, North Carolina. They have put together a very good site that is family safe and exciting. Here you can take a virtual 3-D tour of a haunted house, go on a scavenger hunt, visit with black cats, bats, enter a real dungeon, and all the associated events you would expect. What is so great about this is they have asked for and received pictures and material from all over the net. There are detailed instructions on how to contribute artwork to the site. There is even a teachers/parents area, where safe Halloween activities are discussed.

This is a great site, not just because of the content, but because it primarily done by the future of our country, children. The creative juices are really flowing here. Stop by, take a look-see, and offer up some words of encouragement. They deserve it.

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2 Comments to “The Virtual Haunted House”
  1. sam says:
    you are so dumb to have that laptop thingy on your website because they never work and they are just STUPID!!!
  2. meagan says:
    I love this site and have seen many sites about Raleigh, North Carolina. Is this the real story or is it just something you didn't research.

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