The Supreme Court of the United States

There are three main branches of our government, the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The Executive is the President, the Legislative is Congress, and the Judicial is the subject of today’s Family Site.

The Judicial branch of our government is the Supreme Court of the United States. Here at their official website, you can learn about the court, how and why it functions, and the type of cases that it hears. There is information on the latest cases the court has ruled on, as well as the documents relating to how those cases are handled. Information on how to visit the court, and information on press releases, speeches the justices have given, and phone numbers are also here. In short, this is a tell all site about one of the major branches of government.

Enjoy your visit here today, and spend some time learning how this collection of nine justices impacts our life every day. It will be an educational experience.

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