The Real Rudy Ruttiger

In the annals of college football, one school that stands above the rest is the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. Their tradition and excellence in this sport is legendary. It is the dream of many young men to play for this team, but few ever achieve that dream. Today’s FamSite is about one man who did, and in doing so how it shaped his life.

Called The Real Rudy Ruettiger, this is the site of a boy who grew up wanting to play football. But all his life he was told he was too young, or too small, or not smart enough. He overcame those odds and achieved that goal. You may have seen the film that he inspired called “Rudy”. Here you can see how he has taken that same drive and energy that got him onto the playing field, and used it to help others achieve their dreams and goals. His positive messages such as “Yes I Can”, “It Starts With a Dream”, and “It’s Always Too Soon to Quit” are found all over his site. You can find out about his speaking engagements, his life story, the Rudy Foundation, and other interesting details.

The message that Rudy talks about both here at his site and in his every day life make this a very special site. It is one that you can pass to your friends and associates who will enjoy it as much as you have. Enjoy your stop here today.

6 thoughts on “The Real Rudy Ruttiger

  1. Rudy is an amazing movie… It’s one of the most insperational movies I have ever watched. I’m currently living out my dream playing college football…I have broke down at times, and every time I just remember RUDY… and it brings back my edge..and it makes me work so hard… I’m not the tallest or biggest…but I have a lot of heart… and I think by watching this movie and understanding…that if you believe you can…You can do many differant things with your life…Rudy never quit… and that is why …he accomplished his dream…I just want to leave a message to all you youngsters out there… never give up… and never quit… if you quit you’re letting them get the best of ya…

  2. The movie gives me just outstanding love for live and dreams that can come true. The story is one of the best that I have ever seen. I had the opportunity to play football at the Uhiveristy of North Carolina State but did not get the opportunity due to a broken leg. Anyway the movie Rhudy is so great ya’ll do not know how much. Rhudy is the best sport movie every made and God Bless Rudy……………….

  3. I think acually i know its true i am doing a report about rudy ruttiger, because he never let down i want to do the same thing when I grow up. I want to be a notre dame football player because of him.
    P.S. I loved the movie

  4. I heard just recently that something about the Rudy movie, or story, or whatever, is false. Is this true? Has anyone else heard this?

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