The Polar Express Share the Spirit Campaign

Stories about Christmas, and the magic times that surround it have always been popular. ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’ and ‘The Christmas Carol’ are just two examples of that concept. Every year, new stories are written, but very few will be able to stand the challenge of time, and be remembered long after the Christmas season. But there is one out that I have recently discovered, and I predict will be around a long, long time. It also has a very seasonal twist associated with it.

The story is called ‘The Polar Express’, and is about a boy who takes a magical train ride on Christmas Eve, and visits Santa at the North Pole. While there he receives a special gift which makes this a very memorable holiday. The book is now available on a multimedia CD-ROM, with narration by Garrison Keillor. A truly wonderful story which can be enjoyed by the entire family.

The seasonal twist, you ask? Very simple. You can help brighten the day of a hospitalized child. Spread the spirit of the season on the web simply by sharing a holiday story, tradition or wish on the campaign message board, located on this site. For every 25 messages received, the book’s publisher Houghton Mifflin Interactive will donate a copy of ‘The Polar Express’ or another book to a children’s hospital. The campaign goal is to receive 100,000 stories, so please contribute a message and help Share the Spirit!

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