The Perfect Cup

Ahh, a perfect cup of coffee . . .
Coffee has been around for a long time, and man has long strove for making it just perfect.
So how do you make the perfect cup of coffee?
Today’s FamilyFirst Pick is designed to allow you to do just that. It’s called The Perfect Cup 101, presented by Ancora Roasters.
Of course, they suggest that you use fresh-roasted Ancora Coffee for your perfect cup, but any fresh-roasted coffee will do.

The site goes over some of the basics that any coffee brewer should know. For instance, use fresh, fresh water. Bad water = bad coffee.
Brew the coffee through a one-pass system. Percolators do things to coffee flavors that should be outlawed!
Also, don’t let the coffee sit too long on the burner. It’s best to pour it into a carafe to maintain its heat and subtle flavors.
There’s more, so slide over and check it out!

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