The official Internet website of HRH The Prince of Wales

One of the most public individuals in the world today is His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, or as he is described in most media, Prince Charles. He recently turned 50, so I thought a visit to his official website, and see what it was like. It is most informative and educational, so I thought it should be shared with all.

Called The official Internet website of HRH The Prince of Wales, it is a well written and maintained site that gives the world a look at the future King of England. Here you can view his schedule, to see if he is coming to a town near you. It is possible to see what activities he is involved in, from his charitable work (such as the Royal College of Music and the War Widows Association) to news stories with his latest comments and views. There is a picture gallery of photographs as he goes about his official duties, including an official 50th Birthday portrait.

If you are interested in the daily activities of the most visible royal figure in the world, give this site a look over. It is an interesting and educational one.

21 thoughts on “The official Internet website of HRH The Prince of Wales

  1. Next its law school after my paralegal studies.
    Tell your son Will to remember when I predicted my success. I have met alot of important people so be prepared to talk business someday……

  2. I would like to say, I am applying for an internship this summer in tulsa with Jim Inhofe, local senator in my state. With 70 some odd credits under my belt, I have learned and have applied my knowledge and decided if America put a clause in the cost princple pertaining to the write offs that all product donations be written off with profit loss included we could fund the military which is Inhofes big issue right now as well as putpeople right side up in their homes by letting banks write of cmos and bond and retire the note at full value loss. The banks would do it I know it. Virtually any business would appriciate this idea and the governement as well becuase in order to get the donations one must volunteer for cash/credits for lack of a better term. Wish me luck….

  3. To the “Prince of Whales” don’t you ever wonder what happened to all the irish royalty that gave up their thrown? Well we live in Oklahoma. At least one family does, mine. My question is, WHy didnt your son wear a british suit to his wedding? Is your family even irish? We need to talk becuase my family has worked hard all their life and deserves their land back. I work in a factory overtime and go to shool full time and have a son to take care of. I also work to help fund a gold mine mill that will crete jobs. Ia lso have access to humanitarian platorms that guarentee a safe principal with potential to earn up to 50% a month which 20% of that you can keep but the rest should be to create jobs that is why the paltorms exists. I feel what is now your country, could be better managed and your famlys’ money could be too, and if your son would contact me again, we could talk. You have my email address and I will give you my number if you would like to talk or William would.

  4. I just wanted to say that I appreciate your amazing family for acknowledging my Camp family ancestry as kinship to yours. Although we have led completely different lives, we do appreciate your recognition of the irish royalty that flows in both our families blood. Regardless of being royal, I have plans to go to a University to eventually obtain my public policy master degree. I then plan to loby my economic recovery plan with the help of an economists of my choice on a local level in the state I live in to do a test run. I have been working in commodities for the past year and ahalf and have had the privelege to meet amazing people in the industry. I have plans for my humanitarian projects and they will be under way in about a year or so.


    Thank you for your faith in America, together, we can help the world!

    P.S. Please tell Will I am very pleased he has stood for who he truly loves becuase everyone knows it is more important to be with someone you love then to be with someone just because they are royalty.

  5. Dear PRince CHarles,
    I just wanted to tell you that I have changed my mind on what profession I’m going to get into and I wanted to give an idea on what your country should do when you switch to capitoism. Wich by the way I think is really smart. But I think there has to be a blend of socialism and capitolism for instance, when it comes to taxes, let the companies write off retail value for donations like automobiles and things like that and health care let them donate health coverage. Now I still have some tweeking to do with it and of coarse learn more about economics butthe basic idea is there, I will be going to a community college next spring to start I figure chemical engineering can wait. Well Hope my idea helps. I wish you peace, Goodbye. Oh before I foreget Richard Vonrichthofen Knapp and I have decided that we are just to good of friends to take it any farther so I’m a free princess yeah!

  6. JUst fyi I am going back to school this fall eventually getting a degree in chemical engineering. Although my idea was already thought of acording to a chemical engineering profeesor at TU that researched my idea for me she encouraged me to get into school. I will eventually be be Mrs. Alexandriaa Vonrichthofen-Knapp after I graduate.
    Lance is doing great very advanced according to his teachers and a happy kid I proud anyway, hope all is well with the family.

  7. Dear Prince Charles,
    I recently had my first son named Lance Andrew Brantly.
    I am getting married to Baron Richard Von Richthofen and am palnning to have another child. It is imortant to put your family first sometimes before career. Careers can wait mine will.

  8. Dear Prince Charles I told Prince William that I had a baby that I named Lance Andrew Brantly. I’m working on a biodegration machine. I also spoke with a lobyist that works at a major foundation and he thought that changing the write-off value from wholesale to retail would probably get more donations. I’m glad my ideas have worked. I wanted to tell you that I worked as a volenteer witha LAX airport security officer and I suggested the x-ray machine. I also reminded them that people could probably carry liquid explosives on board. Homeland Security offered me a $23 an hour job but I choose to volenteer and work in real estate for money. I also gave los Angelas an idea for a jet. An air pressured self- adjusting jet. They named the project the alenadria Brantly. I am honored to be of service. I am getting many degrees in Public Administration and Political Science. My family and I want to move to Wachington D.C. After I work ther for a few years I want to join the parliament of Ireland and maybe eventually become President. I will earn my ttrust and have recommendations.
    A true volenteer,
    Alexandria Brantly
    Princess of Ireland

  9. Hi I am writing for your help in a very important matter over in the UK. An American citizen is trapped in one of your hospitals there called Royal London Hospital. He has been there for 5 months and the doctor will not let him out because he owes him 3,000.00. My friend Dave and I have sent a letter of importance about this to you but the UPS is giving us the run around. I even sent pics of my family for you or one of your officials to send to Wilmer Hayes that is his name. The doctor his name is Dr. David Scott has been mentally abusive towards this man and even starved him for two days one time. We phone Wilmer on an International phone that he has and the fact that my friend and his wife are on ‘Disability and I am on Ontario Works, we have a hard time with the phone bill but continue to communicate to make sure our American friend is fine. My friend has found a phone number for Clarance House that is where we sent your letter too. This is what UPS wants from us now that letter was suppost to be there Sept 3 2006 and it is the 7 and now they say they require a phone number. We do not know who else to go to to help Wilmer and we all know you are a very nice and compassionate man and will help Wilmer by telling the doc to let him go home. He does have the money to pay the doc but he froze all his accounts in the USA and cannot access his money from the UK. We are going to give the number to the UPS tomorrow and hope the letter will get to you and we want to thank you in advance for anything you do for this man. Five months is too long for anyone to be in the hospital. We hope you receive the letter very soon, it will explain alot more about the situation. We are Canadian citizens. Thank you for reading this and i do hope you receive the letter very soon.
    Yours sincerly, Janine

  10. Dear Europe,
    I’m finishing my ozone layer repair project this next week. It consist of evaporating water w/ a magnifying glass into oxygen and it also prevents flooding. Kurt Kelly of Disaster Relief Inc. iswho refered me to the Jet Propulsion Lab/ NASA this last Spring. He said name your price and I said a million and he said what about a billion? Prosperity Studios is awaiting and I will be back to work on the projectand many others like the Liability of the State with Ace contractors who renovated the NBC building soon. i also have many enviromental projects and and research projects to get started and finished. I work quick. I want to speak to my people soon. Peace.
    Alexandria Brantly

  11. I was shoked to see skirmishes of the former Nazi accomplices from the former “SS Galicia” detachments, trying to march past at Kiev’s centre, against WWII veterans, resulted in bloodshed, in the today’s Ukrainian TV news. I can’t understand how such a thing is possible in a democratic country in the year when the 60th Anniversary of Victory over the Nazism was celebrated and just several days before one the accomplices’ supporters’ – the orange president’s being rewarded with a premium in London, the capital of one of the Anti-Hitler Coalition states. Where are we going and where can we get?

  12. My heartfelt congratulations to you, Royal Highness, and the love of your life. May God bless you and all you love in this new beginning in your lives together.

  13. Your Royal Highness,
    I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of today’s feast.
    I wish you lots of Love, Joy and
    Happiness on this Easter day.
    The Easter feeling does not end.
    It signals a new beginning,
    Of nature, spring, and brand new life,
    And friendship, peace, and giving.
    The spirit of Easter is all about
    Hope, love, and joyful living.
    Very best wishes from Olga /Kiev, Ukraine/.

  14. If all else fails, you and Camilla could fly to Vegas and get married by an Elvis impersonator. Threaten that and you should be allowed to wed anywhere,anywhen,anyone!

  15. Your Royal Highness,while i do not agree with the way you carried on with Mrs parker-bowles,i do agree its time for you to make an honest woman of her, but i strongly disagree to calling her anything HRH, and i feel very strongly that you should relinquish any claim to the throne. You should stand down and let a fine upstanding Prince William take over.I am sorry if you do not agree with this, but i do feel really strongly about a former mistress being head of my country

  16. Dearest Prince Charles,
    First and foremost my friends and I wish you and yours every happiness and heartily congratulate you on your engagment.
    We would like to offer as a gift on your engagement a poem from a poet of your mother’s realm.
    It is only the self that profits
    It is only the self that gains
    It is only the self that sheds its tears
    from laughter love and pains.
    It is only the self that gets lonely
    as its only the self that can care
    and its only by self realisation
    that the self can become self aware
    so its only the self that is selfish
    as only the self can be less
    it is only the self that is everything
    and thats why I’m in such a mess.
    For only the self can cause doubt
    and only the self can cause fear
    Its only the self that can mess things up
    the things the self holds dear.
    If only the self learns the lessons
    before it leaves it too late
    or the self by not recognising
    will doom itself to an unconscious fate.
    Lots of Love, stay conscious, live long and prosper

  17. I was encouraged by your gracious acknowledgement of 28th January, per favour of your Assistant Private Secretary (Mr. James Kidner, copy enclosed), to take the happy liberty of felicitating in warm endorsement the wonderful development that Your Royal Highness has made possible through such steadfast moral and emotional courage !
    My felicitations are a modest impertinence, perhaps, BUT the staunch fervor of your regal conduct and character represent the needed examplar for this new and somewhat unhappy world of opportunism.
    And in India, the many generations of the elite best, and the simplest and the grass-roots tribal and village and Himalayan and mountain Indians, almost unanimously, ALL echo my own sentiments, views and happy understanding !
    My old tiger-tracker-shikari, Bhanwar Singh, now a trained conservationist tracker like his �brown saheb�, removed his sweat-soaked dirt-caked jungle-topee, and was amazed and joyful when I explained your and Lady Camilla�s decision.
    Permit me, Your Royal Highness, further liberty : I am not alone in knowing that a man is as good as the woman in his life�because her Shakti complements a man in becoming harmonious within himself, and in making the world harmonious and better.
    There is no God but the one within�or the universal God of Gaia and Nature. The Enlightened ones know it through the cosmic sound of Aum – which I have heard and felt in all my high mountain climbing, forest, ocean and river expeditions, even on the South Summit of Mt Everest in 1962.
    Rugged old Prem Singh and the Headmaster, both Ganga Din, salute you ! And we shall both try to be in London in April to shower fragrant Himalayan juniper dhupi on the procession if there is one !
    Yours most sincerely,
    Hari Dang

  18. Your Royal Highness
    I wish to say that I was pleased to hear of your forthcoming marriage, it seems to me that many forget that you are a person as well as a prince and as such have the same right to happiness as any other human being.
    I can only imagine some of the difficulties of meeting your role with your personal needs and hope that you will find happiness with your future wife

  19. Dear Prince Charles.
    Today on a TV program here in Australia, some people were critising your views on modern education. In my view you are absolutely correct in all aspects of what you stated.
    Ron Duniam

  20. Dear Prince Charles,
    I am interested in the envirement and I am seekinga career in writing proposals and resolutions for the future.
    My family is Irish royalty but and has had to work there way up. I think that your family is doing a wonderful job of helping the economic future and I see there working hard even though they are who they are. Maybe we are dtant cousins. Mygrandfather is related to the several gerneratons ago of the Irsh Quueen. My family plans to visit some time this year or next when they have time of course.I was wondering if your family rents out that hotel or is it a historical site? I will start my major school this year. I hope to become the President of ireland several years from now. I have alot of good ideas. My mother, Deborah Camp, just turned 49 and is the side of my family who has the Irsh royalty.
    IWe would love to know our special distant
    cousins. I have written and ahave recieved a few lttres from your son. he is prayng for me. hat’s nice.The police will not let him phone call me. I understand your important family matters, you can’t do al normal things.
    Well, I think that you have a nice wealthy family
    Alexandria Brantly

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