The Irena Sendler Project

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Have you ever heard of Irena Sendler?
I hadn’t. However, now this remarkable woman is someone I’ll never forget, along the same line as Oskar Schindler.
During the Nazi regime, Irena Sendler got herself assigned to work in the Warsaw Ghetto as a plumber.
She convinced many, many Jewish parents of the dire situation that faced their children.
She smuggled over 2500 Jewish children out of the ghetto and into Polish families willing to adopt them.
She would take infants out of the ghetto in her toolbox.

She would take older ones out in burlap sacks slung over her shoulder.
She would place the children in the back of her van. She also had a large dog that was trained to bark loudly at Nazi guards, covering up the sounds that the children might make. The guards wanted no part of the dog, so they would let her leave without inspecting her vehicle.
Irena was eventually caught and severely beaten by the Nazis, breaking both of her legs.
She had developed the habit of burying jars in her garden with the names of the children and their parents, in the hope that they could be reunited someday.
Sadly, this was impossible. With few exceptions, the adults died in the concentration camps.
Read about the organization which today exists, based on the courageous work of Irena Sendler.

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