The Incredibles

incredibles.jpgToday�s FamilyFirst site celebrates one of the funniest, cleverest, most exciting movies to come out of Pixar Studios (and there have been a lot of those).
It�s Disney�s official site for The Incredibles.
Mr. Incredible is a superhero. At least he used to be, until a surge of lawsuits against superheroes submitted by the people they’ve saved forced the government to hide them in witness protection programs so they could lead normal, anonymous lives. Now known as Bob Parr, he lives with his wife Helen, formerly Elastigirl, and their three children Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack.

The movie is a blast as he deals with the mundanities of daily life. You know, going after bad guys was a LOT easier than dealing with an idiot boss!
The site, as you might expect, is a Flash-loaded fun experience. There are fast-loading video clips, an Incredibles mask you can print on your own printer, and even iron-ons that you can print onto iron-on transfer paper!
Oh, there are wild Flash games, too. Check out Thin Ice and Catch Dash.
Oh, and don�t miss the downloads. There are wallpapers, a digital alarm clock, skins for WinAmp, Media Player, and IM, and the DVD poster you can print out.
To sum up, the site is as immaculately and intuitively made as a typical Pixar movie.

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  1. Nothing like a good Objectivist movie to make you smile. Even if it’s written for kids in mind, it’s still great for adults. Very important themes. Get your kids watching this one lots, because they need to learn rational thought as early as possible!

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