The Family Fun Network

By Joel Comm March 24, 1997 No Comments   

Growing up as a child, it was an adventure to go to my grandparents house. Their old house, with all it’s nooks and crannies gave a young child hours of exploring and, according to my grandmother, “getting into mischief”.

Today’s site reminds me of the excitement of exploring that old house. It is called the Family Fun Network, and is an interesting stop in cyberspace. The premise of the site is to explore the rooms of a house, starting with the kids’ room, go to the kitchen, and hit the master bedroom, the living room, the sitting room and finishing up in the game room. There is a seasonal Easter egg hunt underway, as well as online stories by children, a clipart collection, and a page to feature your favorite pet.

This site is very nice, and quite fun to explore. It is updated at regular intervals, and the content is very topical and timely. Enjoy your visit.


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