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There has been much discussion in the media lately about controlling what children watch on television. The bottom line is it is the parent’s responsibility to control what is watched, and when it is watched, and who watches it. But in order to make those decisions, a parent must be informed. Today’s FamSite is one tool that can be used to become informed.

Called The Dove Foundation, it is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to encourage and promote the creation and production of wholesome family entertainment. At this site you can find out more about the mission, as well as how to become involved. You can find out what the Blue Dove seal stands for, as well as a list of movies that are approved. There is also information about ongoing debates, such as the V-Chip.

If you are interested in helping you children enjoy their viewing experience, then this site is one for you. It is a place that can help educate parents as well as children.

Important Note!

Many people have visited our website to comment about the telemarketing survey currently being conducted by The Dove Foundation. Dove has put together a page of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to address the postings on this website and calls that they have received due to the survey. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact The Dove Foundation through their website at

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  1. someone just called asked for head of household and then hung up. This is how people get stalked, talk about scare the crap outa someone, I called back and asked why he then explained what he does and asked me if im interested, i said no, he then asked for my number so he could remove me, i gave him a different number, i have no idea. Slime is right pure slime, how do these people sleep at night knowing there slime?

  2. Great, I’m on two do-not-call lists – state and federal, and these yahoos still call me. I believe in personal responsibility, so I have no interest whatsoever in this foolish Dove organization. I did speak to one of their freakish telemarketers and it took me a few minutes to get the name of the organization he was calling from. If you people at the Dove foundation believe so strongly in your cause, then why do you have to disguise your identity when you call? And good luck recruiting people. You’re sure to attract the best and the brightest by cold calling people. I’m sure you’ll be very successful…….IDIOTS!

  3. Great, I’m on two do-not-call lists – state and federal, and these yahoos still call me. I believe in personal responsibility, so I have no interest whatsoever in this foolish Dove organization. I did speak to one of their freakish telemarketers and it took me a few minutes to get the name of the organization he was calling from. If you people at the Dove foundation believe so strongly in your cause, then why do you have to disguise your identity when you call? And good luck recruiting people. You’re sure to attract the best and the brightest by cold calling people. I’m sure you’ll be very successful…….IDIOTS!

  4. I just got a hang-up call from these folks. I have a couple of phone numbers that ring on the same line in my house (each with a distinctive ring that goes into seperate mailboxes on my answering machine). Two of these numbers I haven’t used for years, so I knew something was weird when one of those numbers rang until the answering machine picked up. Immediately my main phone number started ringing. I let the machine pick up and heard a dial tone. I did *69, then looked up the number of ProCD. The number used to be registered to a Sally Andrews in Grand Rapids, but is now unlisted. I did a Google search and found you guys. After reading some of the messages, I couldn’t resist and called the number. A woman answered “Customer service.” I asked her “Customer service for what exactly?” She did what other described and hurriedly asked if I could give her 20 seconds to explain, yada yada yada, clean up entertainment, yada yada yada. I told her that I was on a do not call list and that I like my entertainment quite filthy, so don’t call me again. She was just saying what an awful thing that was to say when I hung up on her. I just hate people like that who can’t be content to police their own children and their own selves but have to branch out and force everyone to watch (or not watch)what they want to watch (or not watch). Closed minded creeps. I almost hope they call back. I’ve got quite the nasty mouth on me when encouraged.

  5. They’ve called me twice in the past 2 weeks. It appears that if you were on a DNC or RNC mailing ilst, that’s where they’re getting their numbers. Those are the only common threads I can find in the posts here, since most people seem to have never had any contact with them before.
    I would be very cautious about contacting them directly. It may only invite more of the same. I do think following up with the phone company, BBB, FCC, the Michigan Attorney General, and your state attorney general, and even your political representatives is a good idea. Sometimes the actions of one person in a position of influence is enough to get the message across and solve the problem.

  6. What’s the deal with these freaks?
    Nothing better to do than worry about what’s on the boob tube and call hard-working people at their homes?
    Whatever happened to the America where folks minded their own business, worked hard, and raised their own families without interference from these so-called “non-profit” organizations?

  7. I just recieved a call from the “Doves” this morning. There was no way to honestly answer no to all of their questions but I felt very set-up. When they asked if they could give my number to someone who could help me get involved I let them know my concerns about their organization. They sent me to their website which is useless for finding out about them. Are they another one of Bush’s hate groups disguised as Christians? Are they supporting our current administration with money? Are tax dollars paying them to sway public opinion? If anyone knows please let me know.

  8. I have really enjoyed reading this site. It gave me an outlet for my anger that was seeping out of ever pore!!!.
    I got this call on Fiday 4/1/05. Even though I ADAMENTLY disagreed with EVERY quesiton the “computer” forced me to agree. Even saying “thank you we agree too!!”. OMG I have never been so aggrivatied and annoyed. After reading these posts I filed a complaint with the BBB, FCC, MI state Attorney General and the Mass State Attorney General. Plus fired off an email to Susan Wornick and Channel 5 in Boston. THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE STOPPED!!!!!
    I have now renewed my determination to stop these crazy, right wing religious fanantic since I got another call last night!!! 4/4/05!!! When I called the number back the girl answered just “customer service”. Took me a few inquiries to get out of her that this was where I was calling. Now in hindsight I do feel a tad guilty today for lambasting her to no end. After all she did not call me directly, but she CHOOSES to work for this company. Boy did she get an earful 🙂
    What bothers me even more is that their automated computer does NOT allow you to disagree with their position and then when you go to their website and “view” the Telemarketing Survey results (EVEN THEY are calling it Telemarketing), the statistics are SO skewed. They are reporting that 94% of people called agree!!! WELL OF COURSE, YOU DO NOT THEM DISAGREE. Please make sure you go to their website and take that survey on the web and let them know EXACTLY how you feel.
    I have NO IDEA what they do with these stats, but they are false.
    If they call me again I will sue.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Really annoyed in MA.

  9. Stop calling my phone. Not only do you make unsolicited telemarketing calls, but you have the audacity to try to sell on your site a device to stop suck calls. It’s activity like yours that eventually will cause the “do not call” list to apply to research, charitable and other calls as well as commercial calls, and I can’t wait to see it happen. STOP CALLING MY PHONE!

  10. Dove Foundation is an evil thorn in the side of the populace. The harrassing daily phone calls to unlisted phone numbers is climbing every minute. As long as Americans allow for this corporate style of home invasion, privacy and your right to privacy will be flagrantly ignored. Stand Up and Fight Back, Americans! Dont let Dove act as SOCIAL TERRORISTS!

  11. The DOVE Foundation receives Federal funding, then calim their “charity” status allows them relief from the National and State Do-Not-Call laws to promote changes to the First Amendment in the name of religion!
    I am not pro-porn, or violence, but I am pro-separation of church and state and this crosses the line. The attitude is that the perception of moral high ground makes it all OK; the ends justify the means. Beyond that, it is decietful and illegal.
    Dishonesty is just as harmful to our young as anything portrayed in the media.

  12. Nice to see some other folks are getting the same stupid phone calls as I have the past several weeks. “Is the lady of the house home, (no), “do you have kids”, (who is this?), we’ll call you back. (don’t bother…hello),dial tone. Makes me want to convert to Judiasm, and I HATE it when my Jewish mother-in-law rams her, this is how it is crap, down my throat. To both I say, leave me alone.

  13. I agree with Mike and others who do not want these intrusive do-gooders eff’ing around with this “control” everything attitude.
    Leave me alone to choose from whatever I can suck out of the air and learn to use the OFF control for your own brats.

  14. This is retarded. If you do not like a tv show or anything in the media DO NOT WATCH OR LISTEN TO IT!! I like swearing, violence and lots of titties in my movies and television. It’s people like you that piss me off and keep decent shows from being seen on tv. Bite me. STOP CALLING MY HOUSE!! If one of you crazy phucks call me again I WILL let you know how retarded you are and that tv isn’t just for 3 year olds and senior citizens! I do not like censorship, people in europe like to see nudity and so do I and you peole need to get laid or something because nudity is natural.
    You people make me sick.

  15. I’m relieved to find out who from Michigan (The Dove Foundation) has been calling me day and night, twice a week or more ever since I got my phone number last July. I have answered it several times and there is never anyone there — a time delay, I guess, longer than my attention span. I have called the number back and there is never any answer. I tried the reverse telephone lookup but their number is (perhaps predictably) unlisted. If they’re so righteous and legit, why an unlisted phone number? I agree with the pastor who posted above that what he or his children watch on the TV is between him and the Lord and that’s why we have the luxury of the REMOTE CONTROL and the OFF SWITCH. This Dove Foundation reminds me of a real problem child in the grocery store — not your kid, but terribly annoying and oh so hard to ignore. Peace & God/Goddess bless all. 🙂

  16. I was contacted by the Dove Foundation and given their shpeel. We have a first amendment right to free speech. Everyone, including members of the Dove Foundation also have the right to turn off television, radio or choose not to attend a movie. We support media through are attention and money. People who called by the Dove Foundation were not given this same courtesy. I did not opt in and was forced to listen to propaganda left on my answering machine. The survey interviewer was robotic. He could not comprehend any of this.

  17. At 8 30 tonight, I recieved a call. The caller was rude and hung up on me before I was able to ask him to take me off of the list. It’s not fair that non profits are exempt from the do not call list! A tele marketing call is a tele marketing call! If it looks like a duck……..

  18. I am happy I found this site. I was searching for information on 616-361-2855 from Grand Rapids, MI and the search eventually lead me here. I must say after reading several posts I am amazed. I have 2 children and many nieces and nephews. It is truly amazing that people are not more educated. If they were they might know that research can prove many things. However, if you cannot control for extraneous variables such as parenting technique, food eaten, area lived in, ethnicity, culture exposure, and on and on it goes then there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to say that television viewing caused anything. However, I will say that regardless of knowledge or lack of, I completely support our rights that our men and women soldiers are so unrelentlessly fighting and dying for as we speak. I support our freedoms and the men and women who fight and die for them. If “we” (as a society) are so ignorant as to allow our children unsupervised access to television or anything else then how do we have the ignorance to accuse someone else for our lack of parenting. I don’t blame television for violence or crime or anything else I blame parents and their lack of parenting skills. We need a license to drive, build a house, teach, counsel, and almost any thing but to procreate. Maybe that darn Galton wasn’t so crazy when he began his crusade for eugenics. For those who don’t know what that is maybe you can do a little research on that as well see what you turn up. For all you holy rollers, an education might well do you good as well. God help you if what you read in a book isn’t true and cannot be proved. For example, if I read Peter Pan but there is no evidence it is true such as something you can touch and feel probably means he doesn’t exist. AS FAR AS THIS DOVE PLACE, thanks to everyone reading this who understands what I am saying and helped me keep from answering a phone call that I might be too educated to do anything but hang up the phone and report them to many different sources and have them prosecuted for their illegal practices.

  19. The phone company told me that even a “charity” has to stop calling you once you tell them to stop. The FCC, though, allows a 30-60 day lag time from the time when you ask them to delete you until they have to stop calling you. I’d be very clear in telling them to stop calling: no conversation, just – “put me on your do not call list” and hang up on them.
    The phone company gave me the FCC complaint line: 1-888-CALL-FCC.
    There’s also a list of about twenty members of the Dove Foundation board listed on the Dove Foundation website. I suggest contacting them and/or the companies they’re listed as being affiliated with (Salomon Smith Barney, etc.) and asking whether they’re aware of the harassment the Dove Foundation engages in.

  20. I think a good way to expose the Dove people for what they are is for someone to contact Sixty Minutes or 48 Hours and have them do an investigative report. They have done one on the Red Cross and how they misappropriated disaster funds, so I think they might be interested in checking out the Dove Foundation and airing the results of that

  21. Finally!!!
    I have some answers. I am soo glad I was on here tonight when the darn Michigan number popped up on my caller ID AGAIN tonight to make them display who and what the caller was. I have been getting calls for the past 3 weeks at random times from the same Michigan area code and prefix and had no clue who it was. Like you all I was getting them at 8:15 am and wondered why on earth that time… but never a message on my machine.
    Well, after finding this site tonight I am almost happy to learn about the scemes they are pulling. I will notify everyone I know and send links to all my friends about this site so they too can see how a “christian charity” can be just plain rude. Since I have not had the expierence like you had with them I will take your word for it and as soon as they call and I am actually home .. maybe I will make my own “survey” for them and see what they can really answer for me.
    Thanks a bunch!!

  22. Yesterday the phone rang at about 11:30 an. There was no one there. I know this is something telemarketers do – they want to make sure you’ll be home at a certain time before they pay for a saleman to call you the next day. Sure enough today at 11:30 my phone rang. This time a person from The Dove Foundation was calling and I kept saying I didn’t want to talk to him and to go away. He said it wasn’t a sales call but he was doing “a survey.” Charities are NOT covered by the Do NOt Call list. In other words, they can call you legally. I’m not sure, though, if they can call you once you tell them not to any more.
    So I’d suggest two things: telling them that you don’t want them to call and marking the date and time and request on the calendar.
    Secondly, if you go to the Dove Foundation website, the president has an email link. I think we should all let him know what it feels like to be contacted when you don’t want to be.

  23. I think the Dove people are accessing all numbers through phone directories, and ignoring the Do Not Call list. if they are a scam, as I suspect, then they are in deep doo-doo with the FCC. I suggest that everyone who is sick of their crap file a complaint with the FCC – perhaps if they get enough complaints, they’ll shut down this boiler room operation

  24. Very interesting. Like so many others who have posted here recently, both my mother and I have been getting phone calls from some number in Michigan. My mother actually spoke to the caller, who finally hung up and then called my number.I finally typed the mysterious number into Google to find out who keeps calling us – we are on the National Do Not Call registry, so we should not be receiving such calls. If we receive another call, I will report the Dove Foundation to the FCC. How you came up with my name and number, I don’t know, and no, I won’t leave my name and number here so you can remove it. Just quit calling all these numbers that are on the Do Not Call Registry!

  25. I have gone to Google and added the keyword “fraud”…….this group is either a metamorphosed Nigerian scam or something that started out as a drug addiction center about 20 years ago…..can’t find out anything about them in Journal of Philanthropy

  26. Thanks to someone who e-mailed me, I am now able to confirm that it was the Dove Foundation that called my number. 361-2855, 363-3560, and probably 447-2970, all in the 616 area code, are the hang up calls I receive.
    I won’t respond to them, but will continue to frustrate them with my line remaining open and forcing them to either speak or hang up.
    From reading the previous posts, their aggressive tactics are not typical of a legitimate group.

  27. I received a call a few minutes ago and was able to retrieve the number. The man asked for me by first name and when I said I was her he slammed the phone down in my ear. I immediately tried to call back but the line was busy. I found this site and read up on them and decided to call back – I got a real human on the phone and she was surprisingly pleasant. I told her to take my name off the calling list or I would be contacting an attorney and she asked for the number and said it would be taken off. The number I called is (616)361-2855.

  28. I am on the National Do Not Call list. Over the past 6 weeks I have been receiving calls from Michigan – area code 616. My Caller ID shows the number but not the name. I have programmed my phone so that when it receives this phone number, it does not answer with a message, but leaves the line open so that the caller can say something….but they don’t. I called the number, using my Call Block and I think they said Dove Foundation. I did not respond when they answered – kind of tit for tat for their calls..
    My question is – has anyone else received calls from 616-363-3560?

  29. I’ve recently received calls from a couple of the numbers on this list as well. These people should be ashamed of themselves.
    Anyhow, for those of you on the National No-Call List, I encourage you to report this clown. Here’s the link:
    In fact, it’s important to report all unsolicited phone calls. The FCC is not doing nearly enough to enforce the no-call list, and as a result, telemarketers are starting to realize that they can get away without using it again.
    Unless more people complain, all that work the minority of us did to get the no-call list in place will be wasted.

  30. Just got the call. Lady of the house…not a sales call, etc.
    I agree with RN above, by the way. It did sound like they were a cover for the Man-Boy Love Group or whatever those sickos call themselves.
    The caller wasn’t really rude, just discomforting. I don’t like people calling and asking about kids in the house. I got off the phone quickly. If he would’ve asked about my work schedule or whether the kids are latch-key kids, I would have called the FBI.
    Anyway, I just called David Lukens at home (thanks MakeAPoint) to request that I be removed from the list. I wouldn’t guarantee that he’s really going to remove me from the list, but he was actually very pleasant. I told him that, from the questions they were asking, I assumed they were pedophiles and was concerned enough about it that I found a website full of people complaining about them (and voicing similar concerns as to their organization’s purpose). He asked how I would phrase it and I wasn’t very helpful, seeing as how I don’t very often try to find out if a stranger has kids without them being suspicious of me.
    In any case, he was very pleasant and promised to take me off this list. Until I get another call, I’m going to assume that this is a valid way of getting off the call list. I would suggest that others do the same.

  31. I just got a call from the dove foundation asking for my wife by name. When I told him she was out he asked if he could ask just one quick question. He said he was not selling anything but wanted to take a survey. He asked if there were any children in the house under the age of 16 at least 2-3 times a week. What was I thinking! I told him yes. Are these people child molesters or something? Should I call the police?

  32. I too have received countless calls from the Dove Foundation which led me to this site, after googling the telephone number. Automated Rob gave the same pitch to me as to Ben Dover. I am also on the DNC list!

  33. I just recieved a call from the “Dove Foundation” while I was trying to do some work. The man asked for the Mr/Mrs at my house. I asked him why he was calling and he immediatly said, “This is not a sales call.” I thought that it was very sketchy so i talked it over with the Mr/Mrs and they agreed to hang up. If you are going to call my house and use my time you better have a better excuse then “This is not a sales call” So if Rob from the “Dove Foundation” calls you tell him to shove it.

  34. Hey everybody, I just listed a comment a few up. I can now update you all. In the space of just a few days I have talked to the Director and the head of their IT department. Both were very nice. Especially the IT Director. They both have assured me that they are looking into the problem. Working with their phone company to get the problem fixed. I am satisfied that my voice has been heard and am quite confident that the problem will be taken care of immediately.
    They both apoligized to me quite a few times. I’m just happy that someone has taken me seriously and has offered some type of communication with me. They offered an alternative solution to my specific problem which I will not be taken them up on but I appeciate it anyway. Thank you very much.

  35. A word in your ear folks. If these people have contacted you more than three times in a week and actually spoken to you on the phone, that is an actionable harrasment violation according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Collections agencies have had to pay in excess of 6 figures in settlements to such cases in the past.
    Also. These people are required to be able to tell you who they are. Who they represent, and what corporation owns them ON DEMAND. Take note of their parent company and do a little digging. You may find their backers aren’t as philanthropic and caring of others as they purport…
    Take particular note of rudeness. Or accusations as to your character. (“You don’t have to lie.”,etc.) In particular… If a telemarketer or collector threatens you or in any way says we’re suing you for the balance, they are now committed to that course, or they’re making threats. Which is a crime that collections agencies have had to settle in 7 figures to fix.
    You may want to keep an eye on the amount of badgering these people are doing. If you have a case, you can do a good deed by striking a blow against the forces of censorship. And if you have an actionable case…

  36. They have called my cell phone many times, I am on the national do not call list. It is so annoying it makes you want to give to any charity against them, but instead- YOU CAN FILE A COMPLAINT W/ THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU:)!
    let’s get these people to stop!

  37. Hey everybody try this on for size. My home phone number is coming up as the Dove Foundation on caller ID’s. I have called this organization to get the problem fixed but by reading all of this I think I will give one more chance and then I’m calling the media. Just want you all to know that if you do call the number please be aware that it might be me answering!!!!!!!
    This has been going on for the last 6 months!!!!!!!
    Today when I called and asked for a lady named Gail the secretary put her hand on the phone and I heard the whole conversation between Gail and her. I was then told that Gail was not in the office. She better call tommorrow, that’s all I’ve got to say!!!!!
    P.S. I have had to make a message on my answering machine giving the right number!!!!!

  38. First of all,Whats with all the nagative comments on right wingers? I’m one of those people who happen to be a christian and voted for Bush. I also call the FBI about this Dove Org. Not only are they rude but so are you as well who made such comments. It was totally not called for. They don’t speak for all christians. I just hope know one gives any money or personal information to them until they are investigated. Call the FBI as well. They may be a scam. Have a good day. Right Wing Christian Linda

  39. I also don’t need your calls. Thank GOD for caller ID. Didn’t recognize the number 616-447-2970 and it didn’t give a name, but a little research showed it came from the Dove foundation. Why didn’t I answer the phone? 616-447-2970 is not in my book!

  40. I was woken up this morning by this wonderful foundation – the rest of the details are not important – what I have to say it this – I have discovered their problem… they don’t understand plain, straight forward English. Through my best efforts to make it clear that I am single (no “lady” of the house around) and have no kids – the tele-marketer kept right on going! I can’t say he was rude (well, maybe he was and my selective hearing had kicked in) but, he certainly was overly persistent. Thank you for waking me up and wasting both my time and yours – Dove Foundation. I’ll tell you what people – IF they are stupid enough to call ME back again – I will take great pleasure in wasting their time… “Is the lady of the house in?” “Why yes she is, hold on while I get her”� set the phone down and just walk away� maybe turn on the TV to some wonderfully violent cop show� You see, I learned the difference between TV shows and reality� so their message goes in one ear and out the other� but I do wish my dog would stop saving everyone from gun slinging train robbers� and next time Casper visits – I am calling the Ghost Busters!

  41. Dove Foundation, do NOT ever call my home again! Instead of attempting to censor what others may see, read, and hear, why not expend your money and effort to teach parents and other caregivers how to use the On-Off buttons on their remotes, use the V-chip, and to the set rating codes for their children’s viewing? Why is it that so many of you fine, ‘family oriented’ ‘Christian’ organizations don’t believe in the First Amendment and have serious psychological control issues? Because you are right wingnut facists!

  42. just got a call from the Dove foundation. Why won’t they take people off their calling list? It seems like it’s a waste of their resources and time to call people who they know don’t want to be contacted.
    Also, I really hate wasting my cellphone minutes to talk to a recording. Grr…

  43. I too am getting calls from (616)447-2970 The Dove Foundation. I Also found this site searching for their number. They make it VERY difficult to contact get off their Calling List. In fact, a company this sly and deceptive and RUDE, I’m not sure I want to talk to them because they don’t seem to have any morals (even though they act like they are promoting it in television). Also, with their telephone manners, I fear they will just pass my info onto others.
    I’m also on the Do not call list and I don’t care if they’re a “Foundation”, I consider it harrasment and invasion of privacy.
    Good luck all!

  44. Okay, I actually just recieved the call from Dove… lol funny I hadn’t had it before and I posted. I can’t see what everyone is complaining about they were nice and respectful and stayed on thier course, they didn’t let me push them off subject, perhaps some would consider that rude, I don’t I think so rather it means they respect my time, want to say thier piece and get on with their and my lives. I let them finish and then asked to be put on thier Do Not Call list, at which time they said , “ok I’ll do that for you, thanks for your time bye bye.” For those who are maddend by thier calls either you are naturally irritable, or they messed up on your call. IT HAPPENS, are you perfect at what you do 100 percent of the time, I doubt it, so again cut people like this some slack and listen rather then freak out.

  45. The name of one of the contributors to this “forum” is “El Ching�n”. A great name, but I am wondering how it got past the “forum” censors. After all, anything with a s****l content cannot be posted here.
    Bernie B.

  46. I received a telephone call from the Dove Foundation on Tuesday, 11-30-04. I sort of enjoyed the call because the young man at the other end was sufficiently polite, although somewhat assertive about his and the organization’s philosophies. One of the questions that I asked him was whether the Dove Foundation was going to do anything about those suggestive and s****lly titilating underwear advertisements run by Calvin Klein (I am old enough to remember that my teenage s*****l stimulation had to come from the girdle ads in the Ladies Home Journal). The young polite but assertive man responded by saying that the Dove Foundation was not engaged in censorship. Hmmmmm. I then asked the Dove representative whether he knew or heard of George Carlin. Surprisingly, the representative said “Yes”, and I confessed that I had raised my two children (now fine upstanding young adults, the bulwarks of their respective communities) on a steady diet of George Carlin. At that point the young polite but assertive Dove representative began to get testy (evidently he was unable to muster enough of the well-known forgiveness and patience of the late J. Christ of Nazareth)and I was unable to share with him one of my most favorite George Carlin expressions and/or one of my most favorite George Carlin comparative expressions. Now then, since this “forum” {sic) is governed by good, pure family values, I shall not post said expressions, but if anyone wants to know them, he, she or they can write to me at [email protected] and I’ll be more than happy to share Mr. Carlin’s linguistic and social genius.
    Bernie B.

  47. The Borg caller only got in a few tentative licks
    before I ditched it…but I’m on the dnc list so
    this ticked me off.
    Regardless of NP/Profit, whatever their motive,
    these boneheads should quickly realize their methods are particularly annoying and should
    ultimately prove extremely unproductive.
    Financial meltdown is inevitable with this lame
    scheme. I will be watching their website for their final signoff.

  48. Hey all, while I haven’t recieved any calls from the Dove Foundation (I only have a cell phone), I gotta admit that I hate receiving telemarketer calls too. But I do know that the Dove foundation is a good company and that they are doing good things with the money they collect. I’m sure that the Dove foundation is trying to reach as many people as possible, and in doing so, there are bound be some people who don’t like their methods. On the other hand, it looks like there are many who were NOT offended by their calling techniques and have contributed money to the cause. In any case, I imagine that Dove will try to take the constructive criticism here and improve their methods. And remember, the power is in your hands… you can always hang up! 🙂

  49. Just a note for those of you who are upset with the Dove Foundation. Family First and The Dove Foundation are NOT related. If you wish to express your feelings to them directly, perhaps you can email a comment at

  50. Okay, first of all I think most of you have a very selfish attitude in your lives. Secondly, of course these people are going to make mistakes in soliciting money from complete stangers, Damn it you try it. I have and it is hard and you will always have whiners like you, who say oh I have been spoken to rudely, Can you imagine how many times someone who tries to solicite money for any reason gets yelled at, sworn at, threatened, litigated and generally scoffed. Its not easy and so if this fondation is using an automated system then good, it means hopefully that you will not have someone lying to you or only telling you what you want to hear in order to get your money. In some cases Charities don’t just want money they want Blood (like the Red Cross) but they all want something. Just like you at your work. So look rather then complain about this and yell and scream and fight, try to give constructive critisim, let them of course know that they did not make you feel good, and see if they apologize. As far as those who you might have told to take you off thier list, they might have misheard you, or any number of things, BE CHARITABLE, that means imagine that these people really are trying to do a good job, if they arn’t then fine, let them know but imagine that they are trying to d as good a job as they can.

  51. If I am on the national AND state do not call list and you disregard my wishes by pestering me anyway, I have ways to fight back. I am keeping track of each return call that is made and reporting them to the government in the hopes that they make an example out you and your company. I shouldn’t have to repeat myself over and over to remove me from your calling list. What you have done equals harrassment and I will be seeking criminal charges.
    Have a nice friggin day

  52. If you don’t like PG/R-rated movies don’t watch them. If you don’t like what’s on TV, simply turn the channel (or turn it off).
    Like Christian Rock there are plenty of “safe” TV/movie options for those of you living in your jesus-bunkers. YOU have a remote control and YOU are responsible for what you and your children see on TV.
    As for me, I prefer more adult programming – thank you very much…. and after 9-10pm your kids are in bed.

  53. Do not call our houses asking for the ” Lady of the house”, than ask about children in our neighborhood. What are you, a child predator. We did not and will not answer any of those thypes of questions, and how do you dare ask us to? Get a grip.

  54. why try?
    because the dove foundation is freaking annoying, and we want them to stop harrassing us with their rude calls

  55. *** Correction ***
    The phone mnumber listed above isn’t the right one. Please call this one
    888 382 1222, option 1, then option 4.
    It took about 3 minutes to file the complaint. If you are angry enough to have found this site to complain, take a few extra moments and make the complaint official.

  56. ***** How To File A COMPLAINT Against THE DOVE FOUNDATION *****
    Please go to to learn how to file a complaint. WE ALL NEED TO DO THIS TO GET THEM TO STOP !!!!
    Here’s a clip from the FCC website.
    Filing a Do-Not-Call Complaint
    In addition to complaints alleging violations of the do-not-call list, you may also file a complaint against a telemarketer who is calling from your state or another state for a commercial purpose (e.g., not charitable organizations) IF:
    * The telemarketer calls before 8 AM or after 9 PM; OR
    * The telemarketer leaves a message, but fails to leave a phone number that you can call to sign up for their company specific do-not-call list; OR
    * You receive a telemarketing call from an organization whom you have previously requested not call you; OR
    * The telemarketing firm fails to identify itself; OR
    * You receive a pre-recorded commercial message from someone with whom you do not have an established business relationship and to whom you haven’t given permission to call you.
    How to File a Complaint
    You can file a complaint by e-mail ([email protected]), telephone 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice or 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322) TTY, or mail. Your complaint should include:
    * name, address, and telephone number where you can be reached during the business day;
    * the telephone number involved with the complaint; and
    * as much specific information as possible, including the identity of the telemarketer or company contacting you, the date on which you put your number on the national Do-Not-Call registry or made a company-specific do-not-call request, and the date(s) of any subsequent telemarketing call(s) from that telemarketer or company.
    If mailing a complaint, send it to:
    Federal Communications Commission
    Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau
    Consumer Inquiries and Complaints Division
    445 12th Street, SW
    Washington, DC 20554
    Consumer Private Right of Action
    In addition to filing a complaint with the FCC, consumers may explore the possibility of filing an action in a state court.
    For general information, you may contact the FCC�s Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau in the following ways:
    Via Internet at
    Consumer Center, Voice: 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) and
    TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322)

  57. I thought I would post after reading all of the previous statements. I have been getting calls from the Dove Foundation for weeks and haven’t picked up figuring that if it was something important they would leave a message. Googled it and found this site. Next time I am just going to have to pick up to see how rude they get when I tell them to take me off of their call list. Some of the stuff people are saying happened to them when they answer the phone is mind blowing. I can’t believe how rude some companies can be. Ridiculous!

  58. Just adding to the archive [evidence?]. Received [rude] call from Dove Foundation, 616 363-3560 4:47pm EST

  59. Got the call from the Dove Foundation today. Figured out about 45 seconds into the call that I was speaking with a recording and hung up. Weird thing was that I picked up the phone to make another call and the Dove Foundation recording was still going. All I heard was this strange little laugh -kind of creeped me out. I don’t necessarily disagree whole-heartedly with what they stand for, but certainly disagree with their marketing practices. I’m trying to figure out why they targeted me – don’t go to church on a regular basis and have only one child who is 16 now. How many of you are members of the Republican National Committee. I’m thinking of contacting them to see if they are selling our names to this “weird” organization.

  60. I got your call this morning from the dove foundation and how rude, NO EVEL. This person asked for personal info. I said NO and to PLEASE not call back. He said he would call back anyway. I said WHY? And he Laughed. And kept repeting that he would call back.

  61. I just received an annoying phone call from the Dove Foundation/Family First and was angry enough to search for it on the Internet. Imagine my surprise when I read over the rest of the postings! It was only until I asked a few questions about the “University of Michigan” study did I realize I was NOT talking to a human being (very clever). I am completing my dissertation in the social sciences and was quite curious about the study that was mentioned. The recorded voice said that the study “proved” some type of connection between violence/aggression and children’s viewing habits (I couldn’t get the full story because, of course, the recording was unable to answer my questions). I would like to see this organization cite exactly what study this is, where it is published, and by whom it was conducted. Don’t summarize it for me–I can read it myself, thank you. Just tell me the journal, author(s), and year. I would challenge anyone interested to read it too. I know of NO ethical social scientific researchers who would ever say their findings PROVE anything. Sorry folks, that just isn’t the way research works. Proving a direct, causal link between an external stimulus (like TV violence) and aggressive or violent behavior in humans is nearly impossible. Yes, lots of evidence “suggest” and “support” such a notion, but one study just “proved” causality? I think not.

  62. The man on the phone from the Dove Foundation is a very sophisticated recording that responds to frequently asked questions. For example if you ask it, “is this a recording”? it will laugh and respond,”Do I really sound that bad?” Try it; its fun to make the recording go in circles.

  63. I also received a phone call this morning from a man who identified himself with the DOVE Foundation. He insisted that I listen to him and “read” this thing to me about violence on TV and in movies. When I asked him what DOVE stood for, he got angry. Then got annoyed when I aked him how the DOVE Foundation was organized and implemented their mission; he just hung up on me! So, I googled the DOVE foundation and found this site. I also filed a complaint with the FCC. I don’t mind organizations calling me as long as their workers are polite, make it clear what and how they do their work, etc. This person was a pest!

  64. I just received my second call from some man who has asked for me by first name. I responded this is …. and then the line went dead. My first call came in early Nov. and the second one tonight. It was weird enough for me to file a complaint with my phone company and with the Vermont state police. After tonight’s call I did a *69 and the number came up 616-447-2970. I “googled” the number and you guys came up. THANK YOU!!!! I have contacted the state police again and will be filing a formal complaint against this Dove Foundation. They are harassing too many people to let them get away with this. Good Luck to all of you and PLEASE take the time to report their phone calls.

  65. John Doe is mistaken. It is traditional for cabinet members to change hands for second terms. He has gullibly believed the spin of the liberal media. Were he to do any research on the topic, he would find that Clinton and Reagan lost approximately 40-50% of their cabinet before their second term. Mr. Doe, don’t you feel like an idiot now?

  66. I received a call today from the Dove Foundation as well, and I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST. As they did with Sam, they begged me to listen and went right into a diatribe… I tried to tell them I wasn’t interested and they just kept on talking.
    Do they really think this approach will work?? Well, DUH! I hung up.

  67. The recent election was between the God candidate and the Science candidate. God won. This is only the beginning of what we are in for.
    Fortunately us Californians have decided to have our own election and have left the south and the midwest to God. We are going with Science. See you all in the future when you (as a third world country) are building our tv sets and vcrs for us. I am sure the Dove Foundation appreciates your support.

  68. 8:30 AM very rude and arrogant voice wanted the lady of the house. When I asked who was calling it was the Dove Foundation and this is not a sales call. Yea sure. When I told him my wife was a cancer patient he never said sorry but kept on with his triate, then you answer my questions because this is the Dove Foundation. I hung up on him and I will report this to The Atty Gen of the state as I am on the No Call List
    People like this group set Christianity back 50 yrs. We know what is decent to watch and I don’t need any filter or anyone telling me what I can or cannot watch, that is between me and the Lord and I do have an OFF switch and channel changer remote.
    Fr. Larry

  69. My phone rang at 8:00pm sharp. The CID read ‘Dove Foundation’. Feeling frisky, I answered. The guy on the other end asked for my wife. I then asked him; ‘may I ask who is calling?’. I was promptly hung up on. LOL, that is the rudest thing I have experienced in quite some time.
    I proceded to call him back. Ahhh a busy signal. I tried again and again and again. Busy signal every time. So I hit google and sure enough, I am not alone.
    So I post this message to all who will read it. Tell everyone you know to not answer the phone when it is the Dove Foundation!!
    T and J

  70. Hello;
    We just wanted to let people know in as many ways as possible that Dove Children’s Foundation is not associated with the Dove Foundation. We do not solicit funds through telemarketing. We only contact people who first contact us about the projects we are involved with, none of which includes movies, videos, etc.
    Because we hold the domain name of “” many people are contacting us with their response to the marketing outreach of Dove Foundation. Once again, we are not affiliated with this organization nor have any influence over their fund raising techniques.
    With kind regards,
    The director of Dove Children’s Foundation

  71. I have also gotten many calls from the Dove Foundation, and being the sucker that I am for healthy shows for my kids, I said yes, OOPS! But I did have enough wits about me to get an 800 number for them, 800-326-4598. I just called it to check it out and after a short recording, a live person answered, to which I hung up (giggle) I really should have done my research before I talked to them, I do want more shows that are lacking in violence and bad language for my kids, but I was appalled at the reviews they gave to Harry Potter (my kids favorite) and other good movies. Had they stated that they were church affiliated I would have hung up on them me being Pagan and all:-)
    Mom that needs to quit answering phone

  72. I have been getting calls (hangups). My caller ID shows the Dove Foundation, Inc. They have not been leaving messages, so when they called this morning I answered. Before giving me a chance to ask them to stop calling and hanging up. He demanded to not hang up and listen to him. However, when I started to tell him I wasn’t interested and stop calling and hanging up like he has been doing (we are on the National and State Do Not Call List), he interrupted me and hung up. For a foundation that is trying to receive support you shouldn’t have someone calling like that. That type of people are the last to get my support!

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