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Whether you’re into art or not, you are affected by artistic design.
How so? Well any time you step into an automobile, use a toothbrush, walk into a building, put on an article of clothing, or use an inkpen, you are utilizing a product that is the result of a collaberative design or artists and engineers.
That brings us to today’s FamilyFirst site: The Design Encyclopedia. Here’s their mission:

The design encyclopedia is a wiki, which means that any registered user – look for the login button at the bottom to register – can add, delete or change any of the information on the encyclopedia. Unquestionably, your support is appreciated by not making any malicious changes or deletions to the content; this is a user-built resource and, as such, respect for those devoted to its growth is paramount. (And all changes are reversible, so any wiki vandalism is a moot effort). The purpose of the design encyclopedia is to build a resource where anything and everything is explained through its design implications and background. For more information refer to the links on the sidebar under About TDE.
How does it work? Well, let’s drill into an entry and find out. Let’s select Chip Kidd. He is revealed to be a graphic designer and writer living in New York City. Photos of the artist are featured, as well as a list of accomplishments. Links to other websites featuring him and Amazon listings of his books are listed.
Best of all? It’s a wiki. You can add, edit, etc.
Check out CheezWhiz! Its entry shows changes in label designs.
The site, like all wikis, is a work in progress. Enjoy.

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