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A series of books that I enjoyed reading while I was growing was about a boy named Henry Huggins, and his neighborhood friends. Names such as Beezus, Ramona, and even a mouse that rode a motorcycle became familiar to me. I didn’t realize until I had lived in Portland for almost 10 years that they were written about a neighborhood here. It added a special significance to the stories.

For over 45 years, Beverly Cleary has been entertaining children and young adults with her books and stories. The Family Site today looks at a place in cyberspace that honors her, and her work. Here you can find out about all the books she has written and the places she wrote about (yes, there is such a place as Klickatat Street). There are online testimonials from readers, as well as a list of all the books and the major characters in them. The amount of material here is wonderfully clear, and great for parents who would like background information on the stories. There is a FAQ, and information on how to write to Mrs. Cleary (snail mail only, no email).

The books of Beverly Cleary are still as entertaining today, as they were when they were first written. They fill the shelves of libraries all over the world, especially in the new Beverly B. Cleary Children’s Library located in Portland, Oregon. It was this exact library that inspired her love of books. The rest is, as they say, history.

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  1. Dear Beverly Cleary, My name is Alicia Champagne. I am a fifth grader at Crescent Lake School in Wolfeboro N.H. I am doing a book report about you for school. I was wondering if you had any advice for a young writer like me. I have read two of your books so far. Ribsy and Ralph S. Mouse. I have always wanted to meet an author so if you are ever in Wolfeboro N.H. Please stop into our school for a visit. Thank you, Alicia

  2. dear Ms.clearly
    hi,I ‘m Dorsa Hedayatzadeh.I ‘m 8.I live in Iran.I have read all Ramona series .They ‘re really intresting. I love Ramona and her family .When I was reading these books I felt that I was in their home ,sitting on their couch in the their livingroom and see what they are doing.I really want to go to their home again.If is it possibe say me when I can read the 9th volume. I ‘m really miss them and I waiting for other volume.I hope you reply. thanks for your great books.

  3. Dear Beverly,I am your Uncle Guy’s son Richard Atlee.I am a great fan of yours and followed your example somewhat by becoming a journalist.Now that I’m long retired and bored stiff(actually it may be the arthritis)I decided to write a book for kids and donate the copies to childrens’ hospitals. When my boredom returned I found myself wondering how you would appraise my initial effort.Currently I am writing two more Piccolo @ Pirouette adventures and would love to have your I counsel.I know it’s presumptuous of me but I did wait these many years before descending upon you with hat in hand.The book is called Piccolo and Pirouette “THE SANTA PROBLEM” I’ll send you a copy if you should ever feel inclined to review this Atlee’s efforts.

  4. i loovvveeeee beverly cleary books i’ve read them all they are ALLLLLL funny even you adults would think so you’re missing out you post these fake comments really you should read the books though i love them you would too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dear Beverly,
    My name is Jillian Rix, and I live in Portland Oregon. I love your books, and grew up in the same part of town as you! I am now an 8th grader, and still read your books.

    Would it be possible for you to write a poem or short blurb about flying squirrels? My class is having a competition similar to the hogwarts competition from Harry Potter (with points for each class), and it would be a big help for my class and me. I hope you reply. Thank you so much for your great books! They’ve meant so much to me.


  6. Hey Mrs. Beverly Cleary,
    my name is Rita Lorraine Doca and i just wrote to tell you that you’re my all-time favorite author in the whole wide world! And i am asking you if you can write more of the Ramona Quimby series. I really love your books. it is too bad the days are passing by so quickly… i pray that you get more strength to publish more books… so far, i’ve read more than 15 of your books. Thanks for reading my letter! Hope you write back to me at this address:

  7. Dear Mrs. Cleary,
    I read your book ” Dear Mr. Hanshaw ” and i loved it. My favorite part was when Leigh built the burgalar alarm. I also like the part when Leigl helped Mr.Fridley raise the flag at his school.
    I am going to ask you 3 questions like Leigh asked Mr.Henshaw ( i cut it down a few because i know you are buissey ).
    1. What is your favorite book you wrote?
    2. Do you have any pets?
    3.Do you have many people comment your writing cause they should?

  8. Dear Mrs. Cleary,
    Is it possible for me to write you a snail mail letter?
    If so, please send me your snail mail address,
    Thanks a lot!
    Mrs. Normand wrote this, for her son Daniel, 7 years old.

  9. Hi,
    My school is doing a project, but I need your home address to mail you my letter. Are you planning on writing any new books? I’ve read all of them.

  10. Dear Beverly Cleary,
    I am doing a class assignment on your book The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Is there a way to get your email address? Thank you.

  11. DEAR Beveraly Clearly
    Im doing a report on u for extra created IN READING. I LIKE UR BOOKS MY MOST Favorite is runaway ralph.I am reading A Girl FROM yAMAHA. I AM A 7TH GRADER I READ MY FIRST BOOK OF YOURS IN 2ND GRADE,and im in are a great writter i read about 15 of ur books. well I dont got much more to say but thanksb for taking ur time to read this.
    sicrly amanda

  12. DEAR Beveraly Clearly im doing a report on u for extra created IN READING I LIKE UR BOOOKS MY MOST Favorite is runaway ralph.I am reading A Girl FROM yAMAHA. I AM A 7TH GRADER I READ MY FIRST BOOK OF YOURS IN 2ND GRADE,and im in 7th.

  13. I am Alyssa I am 10 years old. I love your books especialy books about
    Leigh Botts I read Dear Mr. Henshaw at school so I had to read the pages my teacher told me to butt when I read Strider it took me 2 days lol.

  14. Dear Mrs. Clearly
    I am a 53 y/o black woman. I love your All your books! Jean and Johny helped me to understand a little about boys and relationships when I could not talk about such topics to my own mother. I am sooo glad to finally be able to tell you thanks ever so much for being such a great writer!



  17. Hey Mrs.Cleary,
    I love your books. I still read them today, and I’m in the 8th grade. The first time I read one of your books I was in 3rd grade, it was “Ramona Quimby, Age 8. It was great. Thaks for writing such great books.=) Ariel Hall =)

  18. Dear Mrs. Cleary,
    My passion for reading and education first began with your books. Thank you for starting me off on a road of academic succes, which currently has me taken me to graduate school in Monterey, CA and hopefully on to more educational opportunities in the years to come.

  19. I love your book Dear Mr. Henshaw. This is my second time reading it. I always cheak it out of the Library. I like that it has all letters he writes is in it. Write me back.
    Your Good Reader,

  20. Dear Beverly,
    My name is Tia and I am seven years old. For a school report I am writing a celebration(report) for your birthday. If you get a chance please send me an email so I can read it to my class. Thanks for reading my message.

  21. Dear Beverly Clearly,
    The book you wrote
    Otis Spofford is one of the funniest and best books I have ever read.I think the funniest part is when Otis
    and Stewy are a Bull and run around and distract everybody when the kids are trying to sing and everybody started laughing. That was the funniest part for me. Maybe you should write a story of a different kid. Ilove the book Otis Spofford.
    Kiesha DeJong

  22. Dear Beverly Clearly, Hello. My name is Daniel. I love your books.I am nine years old. I’m in third grade. At my school there are A. R. test. You get on the computer and take a test on books you read. Thaks to your books I have the most points. (If you pass the test you get points). I have 80 points right now. I’m almost at 100! At the end of school we go A. R stores and spend points. So far my favorite book you wrote is Socks.
    Sincerly, Daniel
    P.S. I’ve read 16 of your books.

  23. Dear Beverly,
    My name is Christopher I’m 10 yrs. old and I love your books. I’ve almost read all of your books and my top two books of yours are Socks and Dear Mr.Henshaw.

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