The 1966 Batman TV Tribute Site

If you were a kid in the 60’s, you knew where you would be on Wednesday and Thursday nights. You would be plopped down in front of your TV set watching Batman!
The show, so bad it was good, was a huge hit its first season, and a high performer for two more. It still lives on in syndication.
Batman was a celebration of camp, silliness, and cartoon action. It’s a memory for many generations, from those around in 1966 to those who just caught it on a classic TV cable channel last week.

Today’s FamilyFirst site is the penultimate collection of knowledge about Batman: the TV series. It’s called The 1966 Batman TV Tribute Site.
Anything you want to know about the series can be found here. The history, the players, the celebrities who would pop their heads out while Batman and Robin were climbing up the side of the building, it’s all here.
There is also a wmv file showing a 1966 interview with William Dozier, the show’s producer (and offscreen voice who closed with “Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!”). It’s very informative, as he describes how actors were chosen and the show was pitched as being so serious that it was funny.
So lighten up a bit and laugh at today’s FamilyFirst site.

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