Teach Your Kids to Protect Themselves Online

Children, even in their young age, are already adept in using the computer. In fact, they are now fond of playing games and other applications in the computer. They are also using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Because of these, parents must take time to teach their kids how to protect themselves all the time especially when they access the internet.

They should be wary about meeting people that they knew in Facebook and Twitter. When they plan of meeting their online friends, they must be accompanied with a chaperone if not their friends. They should not strangers alone because they are exposing themselves to possible rape, extortion, kidnapping and bullying.

They should be taught not to give out personal data to anyone even their online friends. Home address, real name and phone name should not be posted especially in public websites. Kidnappers and cyber criminals can easily trace the address and harm your children if they post personal information online. Passwords and usernames should not be shared and always kept private.

Lastly, children should be careful in downloading games and software coming from shady websites. They are mostly the victims because they are not that knowledgeable about what viruses and malwares can do. If they are fond of visiting game sites, remind them to never download anything at all because they might be thinking that they are just downloading a game. Most of the time, unknowingly, they are also downloading viruses and malware that could harm the computer.

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