Tank McNamara

By Joel Comm January 9, 2001 1 Comment   

Today’s site is just for fun. (At least for me, it’s fun). I was cruisin’ the net the other day, and came across a comic strip that I thought had gone away a long time ago. It was a featured strip for years in the Portland Oregonian newspaper, in the sports section, and was a riot.

The name of the strip is called Tank MacNamara, and is a comic strip that does to professional sports what Doonesbury does to politics and Washington D.C. Tank is a retired athlete who is trying to make a living in the media. It a refreshing look at the sarcastic side of sports, but with a very real sense of humor. There is also a chance to read about the authors, Jeff Millar and Bill Hinds, as well as finding out who is the Sports Jerk of the Year (no, I won’t give you any hints).

So visit this site and enjoy a visit with the Tank. I really enjoyed this strip in our local paper, and this is a bookmarked site now. Hope you enjoy it.


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