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Your child spends hours on the computer in his room – what’s he doing? Maybe your daughter likes chatting online – who’s she really talking to?

Do you pay for a monitoring service that sends you alerts about online activity? Do you ever worry about your own privacy and safety when you’re on-line? Did you know you don’t have to worry if you install Yippy as your Internet browser? Best news: it’s FREE!

Yippy (www.yippy.com), based in Fort Myers, Florida, claims to be the world’s fastest, family-friendly web browser and search engine available today. To date, all other United States Internet search engines permit minors unadulterated access to adult content including pornography, gambling and hate-groups. Likewise, many search engines keep servers and servers filled with individual users’ specific online activity for tracking purposes – is that really what you want?

“With Yippy, children have full access to the Internet minus the X-rated district, and no one is monitoring their whereabouts,” says Richard Granville, CEO, Yippy Inc. Yippy incorporates search and browsing content-blocking solutions that provide its users, including parents and schools, with the safest alternative for online activities.

Yippy is currently utilized as the primary default browser and search engine in many public libraries, academies, schools, universities and places of worship throughout the United States and Canada. It was recently chosen by About.com as the #1 Search Engine of 2010.

According to Granville, Google runs over a million servers, many of which are filled with emails and website tracking data from your surfing activity that they never do much with. Not only is this not necessary, it’s not very green either. Powering all those servers holding tons and tons of data that most likely will never be used is not very environmentally friendly, says Granville. Yippy does not hold on to that type of data. While they do utilize cookies to recognize returning users, the search query records expire within 24 hours.

Designed for all web users from age eight and above, Yippy inherently blocks downloads from unauthorized sites or file types. This blocking not only protects the innocence of your children, but also protects the security of your computer so you don’t have to waste time and money removing spam and viruses that have infected your computer due to unsafe downloading.

“Unlike Google, Yippy’s browser and search programs do not track the user with respect to online activities,” says Granville. “The family market is the most under-served market for online activities. There is nothing more important than protecting a child’s innocence from being robbed by the Internet’s easy access to morally reprehensible material. American families who demand a responsible, conservative and effective web surf/search environment are showing their support of Yippy as we continue to attract more and more users daily.”

To get the word out about Yippy and its traditional family values, Yippy will begin advertising on the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network beginning August 30th. The 30-second spots will air nationally during Glenn Beck and Neil Cavuto’s shows on FNC and FBN, respectively. 

In order to enjoy the full privacy and safety benefits of Yippy, you must uninstall your current web browser such as Mozilla or Internet Explorer on any and all computers in your house that have an internet connection. Then you can install the Yippy browser and the filtering begins. If you simply use Yippy as your search engine, your computer will still be able to access questionable files and sites so make sure you use their browser on the kids’ computer.

The interface for Yippy is very kid-friendly and easy to use. Besides categorized search results, Yippy also offers television, games, news, movies, streaming radio, shopping and soon, social media for kids. Granville points out that their chat rooms are fully public and never allow private chatting, which could encourage pedophiles. Granville also says they will require parents to sign up for the chats and charge a very small fee so he will have a credit card and name associated to all accounts, in case there is any untoward activity that sneaks in.

Granville tells Family First you would have to be an extremely sneaky or clever child to beat the many layers of protection they have built into Yippy. So now that kids are getting ready to go back to school, get your home computer ready for their school projects and research by installing the safest place kids can be on the Internet – Yippy (www.yippy.com) .

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