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If you haven’t already cracked out the swimsuit for the summer, now’s the time. Oy…

If the thought of that has your feeling a little tentative, never fear. Healthy living blogger Roni Noone has five easy tips for you to shake up your eating habit and fitness routines to help you get on track or stay on track for a great pool-time experience.

One Goal at a Time

This way, if (and when) you fall off the wagon, you can start right back up again. “One day, one goal, one choice at a time,” says Noone. If you make a bad choice, you’re ok as long as you make two good choices to make up for it, you’re still ahead. Don’t get discouraged. Move on and learn from your past mistakes.

Redo the Fridge

Make sure you’re healthy choices are at eye-level. Noone asks how many times we let fresh fruits and vegetables rot in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator? Don’t let that keep happening. Make your apples or carrot sticks the first thing you see when you open up the door of the fridge.


It will happen so Noone says be like a Boy Scout and “be prepared.” Make sure you have snacks on hand that combine portion-control and taste. Noone lost weight using Weight Watchers so she recommends their ice cream choices, especially the Weight Watchers Strawberry Smoothie Bar which combines low-fat frozen yogurt and real strawberries. They’re only 60 calories each and have Vitamin C.

Be Creative

Noone says do a creative take on your favorites. Love fries? Make them with butter squash. Can give up pizza? Make it with a whole grain tortilla instead of dough. If you just can’t give up chips and dip, substitute hummus and veggies. Get creative with your choices to keep you satisfied.

“Find Your Tribe”

Get your husband to take an evening walk. Find fun moving activities for your whole family. If no one in your family or friends will come with you, find an exercise class or local group that meets for interesting fitness activities. Find a group you can belong to and who can support you in your efforts to stay fit.

For more advice and recipes from Roni Noone, visit www.ronisweigh.com. To learn more about Weight Watchers Ice Cream, go to www.weightwatchers.com/icecream.

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