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The Virtual Haunted House

October 30, 2000 No Comments

The Virtual Haunted House Here it is, the night before Halloween, you've got your bowl of candy, and you have just set down in front of the computer to do some serious web surfing. How about a little seasonal Halloween site to look over? Follow me.... if you dare!! The site today is called The Virtual H... continue reading...


January 11, 2000 No Comments

TVparty! Television has been a fixture of our culture for over 50 years. Most people who are around today have grown up with memories that are oriented to that entertainment and educational device. Today's FamSite visits a site that is guaranteed to bring back more than a few of those memories. The site is c... continue reading...

Welcome to SurfMonkey

November 10, 1999 3 Comments

Welcome to SurfMonkey Today's FamSite is one that truly makes web surfing for kids easier and fun. For parents and guardians, it is great to know that another site is out there that our kids can hang out in and have a safe and non-threatening experience. It is called SurfMonkey, and is a trustworthy, frie... continue reading...

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