Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design

Do you know what the greatest thing about the internet is? ANYONE can post a website!
Do you know what the worst thing about the internet is? ANYONE can post a website!
While the amount of information on the web is staggering, the number of really lousily designed websites out there is nearly as astonishing.
You don’t have to be a design genius to create nicely designed websites. You just need to use a little common sense.
Today’s FamilyFirst pick is called Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design. Take a look at the list and ask yourself: Is this my site guilty of any of these mistakes?

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Geeky Baldisms

Well, I’ve been talking about if for years, i have FINALLY redesigned my aging layers-based Baldguyweb website. was the first domain that I ever acquired, way back in 1998. It cost about a hundred bucks to get a domain back then, so it was a big step for me.
That site, advertising my website design/hosting business, has made me a lot of money over the years.
My focus is now more on blogging that web design. But I still take on new clients.

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The Web Developer’s Virtual Library

“Calling All Webmasters!!” “Calling All Web Developers!!” Calling All Wanna-be Webmasters and Developers!!” Here is a site that is set up for every level of web design and content. It is called the Web Developer’s Virtual Library. It is a collection of sites, software, references, multimedia tools, Java, HTML, Graphics, the list is endless. Looking … Read more…