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Your child’s new schedule is coming out this month – any areas you’re worried about?

If you live in any of the 16 cities that Adam Wes Academics is located, you’re in luck! Wes’s approach is revolutionary for tutoring on those extra tough subjects of math and science and for preparing for the most common standardized tests. If not, don’t despair, he has plans for virtual tutoring in the near future. He currently tutors an international family via Skype.

Wes, himself an experienced tutor, has worked very hard to develop a tutoring methodology that builds from student’s most basic understanding and grows their knowledge at their own pace.

One of these processes, his proprietary Progressive Dynamic Response, edifies the student’s learning so much better than simply asking “Do you understand?” – Wes notes how does the student know if he or she understands?

He tells a story of a student he tutored who was studying pre-Calculus but, for some reason, she had never grasped the concept of percentages. In order to progress in her preparation for the ACT exam, Wes had to step back to the basics of percentages and build upon what his student did understand.

“We are so lucky to have found Adam Wes Academics. With our tutor’s committed, creative and engaging personality, Mitchell’s grades raised from a D to a B+ in physics and from a C to an A in pre-calculus in just six weeks. He was truly a great tutor for my son,” according to a mother’s testimonial from his website.

Wes explains to Family First that tutoring is finding the “personal reality of each student.” He says no one brushes their teeth exactly the same way, but either way, they get their teeth clean. As a tutor, he must probe to find out what reality is for each student in the subject they are studying.

This extremely thorough methodology for teaching requires flexibility for the tutor. Wes says, out of 6,000 applicants to be tutors, he only hired 2% of those applicants. He says his tutors must demonstrate not just mastery of the material they’ll be teaching but also motivation and flexibility.

He assesses the success of a tutor by how many times he or she is asked back by clients. Unlike many tutoring companies, his business model doesn’t stress package buying of sessions because he wants to make absolutely sure students and parents are completely satisfied with the results of each session.

Wes says tutoring isn’t simply doing time with a tutor. The students need to have an attitude of learning and a commitment to getting better at the subject they are studying. While not all students arrive with these components, Wes says he and his tutors work very hard to change that attitude by making learning fun and interesting for students.

Please find out more information about Wes and his tutoring methodology at www.adamwes.com.

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