Sanddollar Place

A while back, we reviewed a site of a bed and breakfast that the Mayor recommended because he had stayed there. Well, today, we’re doing something similar, except this recommendation comes from ME.
The site is called Sanddollar Place. It’s a very reasonably priced condo for rent in one of the most beautiful spots on earth: Destin, Florida.
Destin is located in the panhandle, a single day’s drive from my Northwest Arkansas home. Its beautiful white sand beaches, its emerald-green water (after all, it IS the Emerald Coast!), its friendly southern hospitality, and its fantastic fishing all make for an amazing vacation experience. It’s also perfect for a quick weekend getaway.
But as beautiful as Destin is, you still need a nice, reasonably priced place to stay. That’s where Sanddollar Place comes in.

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Midway Islands

Have you ever had a desire to travel to an exotic island in the Pacific Ocean, and lay on a beach and soak up the sun. If so, today’s FamSite has a most interesting and relaxing destination for you to explore. Called Midway Islands, this site is the online presence of one of the world’s … Read more…