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Geeky Baldisms

December 31, 2007 No Comments

Geeky Baldisms Well, I've been talking about if for years, i have FINALLY redesigned my aging layers-based Baldguyweb website. Baldguyweb.com was the first domain that I ever acquired, way back in 1998. It cost about a hundred bucks to get a domain back then, so it was a big step for me. That site, advertisin... continue reading...

Arthur C. Clarke Foundation

December 15, 2005 No Comments

Arthur C. Clarke Foundation Today's FamilyFirst site celebrates the vision, ideals, and goals of one of the truly great men of not only our generation, but the previous one or two as well. The site is the official one of the Clarke Foundation. The man is Sir Arthur C. Clarke. This remarkable man has certainly ... continue reading...