Working Person’s Store

We’re all working stiffs. Well, most of us are, anyway. So today’s FamilyFirst site is for us.
It’s called Working Person’s Store. Here’s their mission:
We’re dedicated to the needs of working people everywhere, based on the proposition that quality isn’t a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity. Why? Because we’ve learned from experience that buying quality may cost a little more to start with, but it’s a bargain in the long-run. Thus, our customers shop with confidence knowing the brands and products found at have passed stringent requirements for quality, durability, comfort and outstanding value.

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Google Adsense

Over the past few years, Google has come on strong as a leader in the Internet search engine industry, giving Yahoo!, MSN and AOL a run for their money. With an initial public offering just around the corner, can anything stop this behemoth? I hope not. I love Google! One of their most recent additions … Read more…