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Fly Above All Paragliding

December 8, 2007 No Comments

Fly Above All Paragliding Paragliding is a means of escaping the surface of the earth and fly, experiencing the sensation much like the birds do. Paragliding is much like parachuting. With the right wind conditions, you are gently picked up and are able to soar above the ground in a craft that is very maneuve... continue reading...

Chilhowee Glider Rides

May 17, 2006 No Comments

Chilhowee Glider Rides A fellow I work with turned me on to today's FamilyFirst site. He was vacationing in eastern Tennessee (he like to paddle kayaks down raging rivers for fun) and came upon this lady's business. When he told me about it, I was intrigued enough to make it today's FamilyFirst pick. The busi... continue reading...