Little People, Big World’s Matt Roloff Talks about the Reality of Reality TV

When you live your life in front of a camera, your family life takes on a whole new meaning, as evidenced recently through the suicide of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” husband Russell Armstrong, a situation some speculate had to do with his financial and marital problems that were going to be played out in … Read more…

Tonight’s Survivor Episode Features An Expression of Christian Faith

Now in its 22nd season, CBS’s powerhouse show “Survivor” still amazes audiences. Tonight’s episode is no exception. Last week’s episode featured Matt and the crew reading from the book of Matthew in the Bible while Boston Rob expresses suspicion about people who are of a like mind. This is similar to what many non-believers think … Read more…

Parenting Controversy Ignites Debate on How to Raise Kids Best

The past couple of weeks have given rise to an internet firestorm of debate around the proper way to raise our children after a feature appeared in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior.” The story included excerpts from Amy Chua’s memoir, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” which details her experiences … Read more…

Starlet Showcase

So this all starts with me catching Charlie Chaplin’s great silent movie Modern Times on TCM Saturday night.
The film, which will grab you like any great film, regardless of the fact that the majority of its dialog is in the form of cards flashed on the screen, has been exalted as one of teh great cinematic triumphs of all time.
But that’s not what inspired today’s FamilyFirst pick.
No, it was the beautiful Paulette Goddard.
In the film, Goddard plays an orphaned child who strives to make it on her own. She encounters Chaplin’s little tramp, and together they strive for a better life.

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So, what’s on the old idiot box tonight?
For most of us, it’s a daily ritual to turn on the one-eyed monster after dinner and watch whatever pleases us. I’ve been playing my recorded episodes of the 2006 World series over and over. I also watch the History and military Channels a lot. I’m just biding my time until reality TV finally dies, then I’ll spend more time on the original three networks.
But, even if you are into stuff like Fear Factor (sigh), you’ll like today’s FamilyFirst pick.
It’s the one, the only!

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