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Family First » tank http://familyfirst.com Servings Families Online since 1998 Fri, 02 Oct 2015 20:25:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.5 Fish Aquarium Tipshttp://familyfirst.com/fish-aquarium-tips.html http://familyfirst.com/fish-aquarium-tips.html#comments Fri, 28 Aug 2009 03:06:23 +0000 http://familyfirst.sandbox.infomediainc.com/?p=4094 When setting up a new fish aquarium, NEVER EVER setup the tank and purchase the fish in the same day. The tank needs time to cycle. By this, I mean it is important that the chemicals have time to balance and bacteria need to be present in order to maintain healthy fish. This takes some time. At least allow for a few days before adding fish. And never, add more then a few at a time. This can throw off the balance in the tank and kill the fish.
When purchasing the equipment for a tank, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone has their own preference as far as filters and equipment goes. Asking others how they have their tank set up and what filters they have can prevent you from trying different types of pumps and wasting your money. In the beginning I wasted money on some cheaper pumps and had to deal with a mess with they stopped working and leaked all over the floor.
Save yourself loads of stress and aggrivations by reading more on this site before you go to the pet store to buy your aquarium. Learn what kind of filters and how big of a tank you should get. Learn what kind of fish work best. How much and how often to feed.

Fish Aquarium Tips

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Answerbag.comhttp://familyfirst.com/answerbag-com.html http://familyfirst.com/answerbag-com.html#comments Sun, 25 Jun 2006 00:43:25 +0000 http://familyfirst.sandbox.infomediainc.com/?p=3219 I need an answer FAST!
Where do you go?
Well, it never hurts to use Google. But sometimes it just doesn’t do the trick.
And an encyclopedia is good, but not everyone has one handy.
So give today’s FamilyFirst site a try: Answerbag.com. Here’s their mission:

Answerbag is a community of people helping others. Have a question? Ask it here! Know something? (Everyone knows something!) Help someone out! We’re here to help you connect with others and to find and share knowledge about topics ranging from celebrity trivia and home cleaning tips to Russian name origins and particle physics. Any topic you can dream of, you can ask it here!
It’s cool and fun!
For instance, right on the front page are questions needing answers. Do you know an answer? Well, step right up and offer it!
I browsed the unanswered questions and spotted one from an aquarium owner overrun with snails and not wanting to use poison on them. I offered my answer about turning a red-eared pond slider turtle loose in the tank for a short time and watching those snails disappear. Sliders LOVE the slimy little critters.
Additionally, there is a LOT of activity on the site. Many answers are minutes old.
So ask your question, go drink a cup of coffee, and see if you have any answers!

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Adsense Chathttp://familyfirst.com/adsense-chat.html http://familyfirst.com/adsense-chat.html#comments Fri, 26 Aug 2005 00:01:46 +0000 http://familyfirst.sandbox.infomediainc.com/?p=2926
There’s no sense like AdSense.
That statement might not make much sense to you unless you are a user of the Google AdSense contextual advertising program. You see “Ads by Goooogle” all over the web. They come in the form of text links that take you to a sponsor site. The beauty of the program is that ads displayed on a site are usually relevant to the content found on the web page. In fact, if you look closely you’ll even find Google ads on this page. Today’s site is a fantastic resource that no AdSense publisher should miss.

The name of the site is AdsenseChat.com, a forum for the web’s AdSense publishers to discuss the Google AdSense program. This site is free to join, free to register and free to discuss AdSense with other users… for now. The owners will be implementing a subscription-based service soon, so I recommend joining while the price is right. If you are a web site publisher and use AdSense, this site provides a vast resource for learning from the experiences of others. Your messages will be read by thousands of visitors, so don’t be afraid to ask a question.
Since AdSense publishers make money whenever a visitor clicks an ad on their web site, members in these forums discuss the best ways to implement and display Google Ads on their pages. Sites are critiqued and opinions are given, providing users with a “think tank” of sorts. As of this writing, the site has nearly 1000 members and I suspect that will increase dramatically as the number of AdSense publishers continues to increase.
It seems that the more technology changes, the more it remains the same. Sharing information with fellow users who have common interests is part of what makes the Internet so much fun. As much as the Internet has changed this type of communication, it will be interesting to see how much more it will change in the future.

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