The Atari History Museum

For those in our audience too young to remember President Carter, you may not have memories of just how big a force Atari was in the early days of video games.
Teenagers in the early 80’s were obsessed with their Atari 2600’s. Joysticks were vigorously operated as walls were broken with a bouncing ball (that was square), explorers made their way across swamps by jumping on crocodile heads (at precisely the right moment), and a yellow head gobbled up little dots (and their enemies, when they were flashing).
Today’s FamilyFirst site is called The Atari Museum. Their mission is summed up thusly:

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The Seminole Tribe of Florida

A very long time ago, people from the European continent began coming to this country. They came for a variety of reason, freedom for what they believed in, a chance to get rich, and some had a curious desire to just see what’s there. Today’s site isn’t about those bands of traveler. No, it is … Read more…