In 1990, I began a lifelong obsession with computers. That’s when I spent some serious time playing with an old Compaq 286, and learned the power of a computing machine, albeit an old one.
But before that time, I had another obsession: photography. I began by getting myself a manual Minolta SLR in 1984, eventually getting into medium-format and even getting my own black-and-white darkroom.
I spent many an hour shooting b&w photos that required clever composition to bring out the format’s unique ability to capture the world in greyscale.

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When I was a younger man, I used to relish taking photos.
I had a Minolta fully manual SLR that I used to create some pretty decent slides. I used to love walking out on an overcast day (when the colors were fully saturated) and just start shooting. Since Kodachrome was my film of choice, I have slides that should still be sharp and accurate in color many years from now.
Well, things have radically changed since 1985. Nowadays, digital SLRs are where it’s at. And today’s FamilyFirst site will give you the very latest on what’s hot in photography.
It’s called SLR Gear. Here’s their mission:

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Waterslide Island

Here it is the middle of winter, and swimming and playing in a pool is probably one of the farthest thing from your mind. But today’s FamSite looks at a game that can help get rid of the mid-winter blues. The site is called Waterslide Island. Here you can preview and download a demo a … Read more…