Where’s The Safest Place on the Internet for Kids?

Your child spends hours on the computer in his room – what’s he doing? Maybe your daughter likes chatting online – who’s she really talking to? Do you pay for a monitoring service that sends you alerts about online activity? Do you ever worry about your own privacy and safety when you’re on-line? Did you … Read more…


The most exquisitely designed website in the world is nothing but a bunch of ones and zeros if nobody sees it. That’s a cold, hard fact. Sadly, there are a whole slew of fascinating, fun, informative sites that nobody knows about because word hasn’t gotten out.
That’s where today’s FamilyFirst site will be of immense benefit. If you aren’t happy with your website’s traffic, read on. You’re about to become happy.
Today’s FamilyFirst site is called SwimInTraffic. Here’s their mission:

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The Free Dictionary

Everybody hates having to learn stuff, right?
Well, of course not. But many folks hated school and remain determined to avoid learning as much as possible.
That’s because the school environment was wrong for them. They didn’t find it fun.
Well, with today’s FamilyFirst site, you will find yourself learning the fun way. It’s called The Free Dictionary. Here’s what it’s all about:

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Social Shield

This story has been updated 6-17-2010 – please use this link to see the latest about SocialShield: http://familyfirst.com/socialshield-helps-protect-kids.html
The web has been a continuing string of phenomena that captured rthe public’s interest and exploded. An online auction site called eBay appeared about ten years ago. So did a search engine called Yahoo!. A bit later, a site called Amazon began selling books.
The rest was history.
A recent explosion has taken place with MySpace. It’s not really a new concept, being able to create a profile site for free. But MySpace has hit a chord among the teenagers of the world, and has exploded into a social networking giant.

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How to Build Profitable Websites FAST!

fastsite-3d.jpgToday’s FamilyFirst site is one that you will definitely want to check out if you have a business, are thinking about starting a business, have a website already but want more traffic, are thinking about building a website, or if you know anyone else who meets the above criteria.
The site is called How to Build Profitable Websites FAST! What is offered here is a zero-to-sixty guide to building a website from the ground up, and, more importantly, getting it to perform well in the search engines.
As someone who has been in the website design/hosting/promotion business since 1998, I have read this guide, and I must say it’s impressive. It begins with the basics of HTML, getting a domain name reserved, using good design practices, and more elementary stuff. However, what makes this book worth the price of admission is its latter half.

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