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Outlaws and Highwaymen

July 26, 2008 No Comments

Outlaws and Highwaymen Did you ever wonder where the term "highway robbery" came from? Well, highway robbery was the crime perpetrated by the highwaymen of old. The apostle Paul spoke of the dangers of highwaymen in the Bible. So clearly these road-traveling scoundrels have been around for a long time. Today'... continue reading...

The Stella Awards

September 14, 2007 No Comments

The Stella Awards Ever heard of Stella Liebeck? She's a famous lady. In fact, she has an award that's named after her. The Stella award. In 1992, Stella ordered a cup of coffee from McDonald's. Attempting to put cream and sugar into it, she dumped the entire cup into her lap. The sweat pants soaked it up, a... continue reading...


April 27, 2007 No Comments

AnywhereCD I hate the RIAA. I believe they are corporate evil incarnate. They are there to serve the interests of the RIAA. They are not concerned with the interests of the musical artists they purport to represent. No, they care about one thing only: the most profit they can wring out of the public to fill t... continue reading...