Internet Safety: Safe Surfing Tips for Teens

Have teens? then you need to read through this web site for some great information on safe surfing. After all teens know it all don’t they. How could we exist without the Internet? That’s how most of us keep in touch with friends, find homework support, research a cool place to visit, or find out the latest news. But besides the millions of sites to visit and things to do, the Internet offers lots of ways to waste time — and even get into trouble. And just as in the non-cyber world, some people you encounter online might try to take advantage of you — financially or physically.
Of course, the Internet is home to millions of places you can and should visit. Like an infinite library, the Web can take you to the ends of the earth with the information it contains. The key is to protect yourself while online.
First rule of smart surfing? Remain as anonymous as possible. That means keeping all private information private. Here are some examples of private information that you should never give out on the Internet:
* full name
* home address
* phone number
* Social Security number
* passwords
* names of family members
* credit card numbers
Read on through this web site to learn many other tips for keeping yourself safe from predators and hackers.

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Securing Your System, Part 3

Are you ready to finish securing your system for free?
Okay, by now, you should have accomplished full virus scans and three spyware sweeps, as well as having turned on Windows automatic updates. If you haven’t gotten service pack 2 installed yet, it may take a while. It’s about 80 meg in size. If you’re on dialup, you may want to start the download at bedtime.
The final step in securing your system for free is installing Firefox. Run the setup program you downloaded earlier. Once Firefox is installed, go to and install all of the plugins. You’ll probably need all seven.

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Safe Surfing with Your Family

A family safe internet experience is one of the cornerstones on which the Family First Site is based. Since our beginnings as the WorldVillage Family Site of the Day over 7 years ago, we have tried to present daily sites that present a variety of topics to the visitors within our cyber neighborhood. With such a wide variety of viewers, we have not been able to please everyone with every site that we have chosen. Also, given the nature of the Internet, some of the sites we featured had links that took visitors off into areas the we didn’t intend. But there is technology that can help limit these side trips, whether ther are an intentional visit, or by some stroke of technology taking one there. Today’s Family First Site is one that helps enhance the family Internet experience.

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Katie Did and the Neon Peach


Every so often a site comes along that seems to fit in with the concept of what the Internet can and should be. Today’s Family First site visits one that a grown up kid has designed for kids of all ages, and finds it to be a truly fun experience. After all, you can still be grown-up and still be a kid.

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Safe surfing on the Internet is becoming increasingly important. Using it safely will save you money as e-commerce expands, and can prevent your young children seeing content that you would they rather not see. Today’s Family First site is one that explores safe use of cyberspace, one that is quite informative. The site is called … Read more…