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The Eukanuba Dog Breed Library

February 20, 2007 No Comments

The Eukanuba Dog Breed Library So, you're thinking about getting a dog, eh? Well, picking out the right dog is not a random act. Sure, you might luck into a good match. But it's a good idea to do some research ahead of time. A well-meaning friend gave my wife an Australian shepherd. We had a small yard. The r... continue reading...

Dog Problems

April 6, 2005 2 Comments

Dog Problems We recently had an addition to our household. No, not the two legged kind, but a four legged ball of fire named Beau. He is a minature poodle that I gave my wife for her birthday. Since she has allergies, our choices were somewhat limited. But he has made himself a member of our family. He is us... continue reading...