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Family First » productivity http://familyfirst.com Servings Families Online since 1998 Fri, 02 Oct 2015 20:25:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.5 Top Ten Financial Tips: Keys to Financial Successhttp://familyfirst.com/top-ten-financial-tips-keys-to-financial-success.html http://familyfirst.com/top-ten-financial-tips-keys-to-financial-success.html#comments Fri, 07 Aug 2009 03:31:10 +0000 http://familyfirst.sandbox.infomediainc.com/?p=4075 Although making resolutions to improve your financial situation is a good thing to do at any time of year, many people find it easier at the beginning of a new year. Regardless of when you begin, the basics remain the same. Here are my top ten keys to getting ahead financially.
It sounds simplistic, but many people struggle with this first basic rule. Make sure you know what your job is worth in the marketplace, by conducting an evaluation of your skills, productivity, job tasks, contribution to the company, and the going rate, both inside and outside the company, for what you do. Being underpaid even a thousand dollars a year can have a significant cumulative effect over the course of your working life.
Learn from this and the many other great tips on this cool and simple website. For once you can learn solid advice in simple and easy to understand termionology.

Keys to Financial Success

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Contour Designhttp://familyfirst.com/contour-design.html http://familyfirst.com/contour-design.html#comments Tue, 16 Nov 2004 00:55:44 +0000 http://familyfirst.sandbox.infomediainc.com/?p=2646 Yesterday I told you about a site that, in my opinion, was one of the best independent iPod support sites. Today I want to take the iPod theme a little further, and tell you about what I consider to be the best case for an iPod that is available. Why is a case so important? Well, if you consider that you pay anywhere from $250 to $600 for one of these little gems, then you want to protect them as much as possible.

The website for the case I am talking about is also the website for a company named Contour Design. The case they sell is called the Showcase, and when it is installed, you almost won’t even know it is there. The Showcase is the first case that offers solid protection while letting users enjoy everything they love about the iPod – the elegant design, slim dimensions, and ultimate portability. Through the skillful application of advanced dual-injection molding technology, Contour Design has created a case with a clean, trim, seamless look that highlights the pure beauty of your iPod. No other case on the market looks and feels so much like a natural extension of the iPod itself. What makes it the best is the dual layer or impact-resistant plastic and shock-absorbing rubber provide full protection for device. It is a snap-on case, and comes with a belt clip. It is available for only the 3rd and 4th generation iPods, but the company does offer solutions for the older 1st and 2nd generation and mini-iPods as well. The cost of the cases is very reasonable as well.
Contour Design specializes in the development, research and design of top quality alternative computer input devices, in addition to their iPod cases. Their devices can significantly reduce muscular discomfort while maximizing productivity. They really go the extra mile – improving and reworking – not stopping until the product is perfected. Contour Design is concerned for the health and well being of our customers and it shows in the ergonomic integrity of our products. I highly recommend looking at not only their iPod cases, but their entire product line as well.


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