Ubuntu’s Feisty Fawn Linux

Attention, world: Linux is ready for prime time.
Linux has been around since Linus Torvalds created a UNIX-like operating system for personal computers back in 1991. Linux practically runs the internet. Where once large UNIX servers hosted most websites, they have been largely supplanted by powerful PC’s running various flavors of Torvalds’ creation.
However, Linux for the home user has been slow to be adopted.
The concept of Linux is open source thinking. Unlike proprietary software, open source means source code is available to be modified by geeks. The modifications either result in the improvement of the package, or are quickly forgotten.

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Vista’s Built-In DRM

Okay, I have to spring another technical pick on you. But you need to see it, in case you’re planning on purchasing Microsoft Vista, which is being media blasted at presstime.
It has to do with the three most dreaded letters for owners of computers and/or digital content: DRM. Vista has it built in, and you’re not going to like it.
The entities that have requested this are the good old child-and-granny-suing monstrous money-making machines known as the RIAA and the MPAA.
Basically, here’s how it works. DVD’s have gained higher definition in recent years. HD-DVD and Blu-Ray technologies have put more pixels in DVD imagery than ever before. And while they are more expensive than standard DVD’s, they aren’t prohibitively so, costing about double. So the odds are good that you either own them, or will soon.

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America Rock

Back in the 1970’s there was a series of cartoons that used rock music to educate children. Not only did they teach language and math, but history as well. Schoolhouse Rock was the name of the short programs that were entertaining and educational, a great combination. Today’s FamSite looks at the history cartoons, called America … Read more…