Virtual Play – a Unique Tool for Families to Stay in Contact: YooCasa

“You never send me pictures of the kids” “We can’t afford to go see Grandma this year” “What did you do today?” This scenario is common for many families that are separated, whether it’s across town or across the globe. A new tool has become available to help bridge this gap for families that’s private … Read more…

5 Essential Tips for Taking Perfect Pictures of Your Kids

–          Written By Rob James, owner of RCJFoto, Prairie Village, Kansas We’ve all been there. The setting is perfect; you’ve picked out the perfect matching outfits; envisioned how your little models will be arranged; and, miraculously, your kids are even smiling back at you! Your brand new camera is at the ready; the batteries are … Read more…

What is PicsMatch

PicsMatch will Find the Faces of your Family and Friends. Create matching ID’s for everyone you want to match. Let PicsMatch scan your computer to find all of the photos of the people you ask it to! Upload and automatically tag your pictures to Facebook. It’s not easy to remember the time and dates of when your photos were taken. You remember them by events, like “Independence Day” or “Jessi’s Birthday.” PicsMatch organizes all of your photos by Holidays and special events.

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Photomama is a new photo sharing site that is built specifically for moms. Moms who care about documenting their families’ lives, preserving memories of places and times, and leaving a family legacy for future generations. Moms who capture memories one frame at a time, and express their creativity in the various ways they display their photos. We affectionately call them the mamarazzi.
For a short time while we’re in beta, you can join photomama for free. We hope that you’ll let us know what you think of the site, how it works, and what you might like to have in the future. For your help, we’ll give you free photo storage, free goodies when you sign up, and free goodies when you refer a friend. It’s our version of a group hug.
Even though we’re just starting out, we guarantee our quality and services.

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Green Herons and Their Groovy Necks

Ever notice a green heron in your presence?
They are found over much of the North American continent. Go near a creek, pond, lake, or estuary, and you have likely see the enigmatic little avians.
They make a “chook!” sound that will certainly grab your attention.
Today’s FamilyFirst pick is called Green Herons and Their Groovy Necks. Pretty obvious what the site’s author finds fascinating, isn’t it?

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