Judge Lynn Toler from Divorce Court Talks about Her Family Traditions at the Holidays

In our continuing series of profiles of well-known celebrities and their holiday traditions, we hear from Judge Lynn Toler from TV’s DIVORCE COURT, a nationally syndicated program. Judge Toler brings tenacity and compassion to her courtroom, often serving unusual or nontraditional judgments that are legally binding. She is the author of two books, including “My … Read more…

“Instant-On” Computers Coming!

Wow, this is huge. And it’s so obvious that i wonder why it hasn’t shown up before now.
I’m talking about a new development that Phoenix, who manufactures your computer’s BIOS, has announced: “Instant-on” computing.
BIOS stands for Basic In-Out System. That’s what produces the screen that you first see when you turn on your computer.
What Phoenix is talking about is the future ability for you to hit the f4 key during system start up and go directly to a simplified interface which would allow e-mail, web browsers, and media players to be instantly accessible.
That’s HUGE!

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