RC Car Tips

Over 10,000,000 page views, 290+ pages of information and 423+ images about rc cars, also called remote control or radio controlled cars. Reviews, photos, comparisons, specs and buying recommendations to help you choose and buy for fun or racing. Articles, videos and tips from enthusiasts. Plus links to local and online hobby shops.
For truck lovers, a big section on remote controlled rc trucks, such as electric, nitro, monster and mini r/c trucks. Fast growing is the short course rc trucks… great for beginners and experts.
The fastest and most exciting category, gas powered rc cars can go as fast as 50 – 60+ miles per hour. The 1/8 gas cars go 70 – 80 mph in racing competitions. Cen CTR 5.0 is coming out with a 90+mph on road nitro rc car.
Also called nitro rc cars because the hobby fuel used contains nitro methane to increase speed and power. Popular are the 1/10 on-road nitro touring cars. Cen CTR5 (90mph), Nitro 4TEC (70mph), and more.
For beginners, electric rc cars are the best… easier to control, build, and maintain. New are HPI Sprint 2 Flux, Formula 10, Cup racer, Tamiya M05 and F104. Great reviews have been posted in rc car forums.

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